GoEuro: A Useful New Travel Search Website for Europe!

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Go Euro – a new website for booking multi mode transport in Europe.

I always like to keep tabs with new websites and ideas within the travel industry, it’s actually a bit of an obsession of mine! I’ve joined a load of fellow bloggers and travel pages on Facebook and I’m regularly looking for new options and sites to use. I recently found GoEuro, which is a new and exciting travel search website. I love how easy it is to use. You just type in your trip details by city/town (covers most big towns and cities) and it gets you the best ways to get there on plane, train and bus. For me the best thing is that it offers multi mode transport options. It has two options – one for fastest and one for cheapest and to be honest, I like to travel both ways depending on the situation. And I also like varying my transport methods.

manchester train

I mix it up when I travel – trains, buses, flights, cars, horse drawn carriage…

I mix up the way I travel. When I flew back home to Belfast for a mate’s wedding a few years back, I wanted to get there fast so it was 2 quick flights. Though most of the time, cheapest is what I go for. Go Euro gives you these two options and then splits it into three types of transport. Train, plane and bus.

jonny blair on a flight

Life moves fast as a traveller – yet another flight in my work clothes. Straight from work to my mate’s wedding and back in a weekend.

It’s better to use it for long distance travel. It basically cuts out a lot of hard work for you and will hopefully develop to become a really useful tool for backpackers in Europe. The way I see it is – if you want to get from say Berlin in Germany to Belfast in Northern Ireland you can’t go direct. So how about a train to Frankfurt, then another train to Amsterdam then a direct flight to Belfast? Sounds good doesn’t it! If it’s the cheapest way, then GoEuro aims to show that option!

go euro

A new, easy to use, multi mode travel booking site – Go Euro!

A quick overview – GoEuro is a multi-mode travel search platform aiming to take the work out of “googling” everything individually. It was launched very recently in the UK. In short it tells you how to get to and from any destination (Point A to point B) the cheapest or the fastest, whether it’s by bus, train, or plane. It is better suited for long distance travel plans and they are currently working to include urban public transport in big cities (e.g. London buses). All the stuff on there (prices, times, seat availabilities) is updated and quoted in real time. Always a bonus. I recommend giving it a try! I hope it will become popular with my fellow travellers.

Check it out!! http://www.goeuro.com/

Me on a bus in San Marino:

Me on a train in Paris:

Me waiting for a flight in Belfast:

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  • Does this website also publish info about flights from other parts of the world to any destination in Europe? Or is just exclusively for inter-European flights only? I am planning to head to London, England in July 2015, so I was curious how this site compares to Kayak or Momondo for flight searches to Europe.
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