Backpacking Centurion Volume Four: The Black Volume Chapter Listing

Backpacking Centurion
Volume Four: The Black Volume
1980 – 2015 (38 chapters)
“And I dub thee unforgiven” – Metallica.

Backpacking Centurion - Volume 4 - The Black Volume

Backpacking Centurion – Volume 4 – The Black Volume

This will be the final part of the “Backpacking Centurion” jigsaw, finally! And even when it’s done, there are actually a few more chapters that have even failed to make it into any of these first four books. These are not confirmed, but the book is in its final edits and I’ll confirm a release date soon hopefully!

Basically the “Backpacking Centurion” covered four books, from 1980 – 2015 when I arrived in my 100th country, Tunisia. The Chapter numbering from Volume 1, continued through Volumes 2, 3 and now 4 meaning there are 147 chapters. Hence of course why the last chapter is a 147 break, a not out, and therefore titled snookerically, “Jonny O’Sullivan”.

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Chapter 110 – After The Hat-Trick
Chapter 111 – The Day We Didn’t Die Yet
Chapter 112 – The Night We Were 40 Points Behind With 5 Minutes Left
Chapter 113 – Footloose And Legless
Chapter 114 – Drinking The Piss
Chapter 115 – Man, You Shited
Chapter 116 – Donkey Dong Front Room
Chapter 117 – For Urine Only
Chapter 118 – That’s Be Cider Pint
Chapter 119 – Only Fools Fall In Love / Falling In Love In Antarctica
Chapter 120 – The Day I Didn’t Meet Noel Gallagher
Chapter 121 – A Lifestyle Of Reunions
Chapter 122 – Meeting The Hero Of Israel
Chapter 123 – Vicky Shoots At My Stars
Chapter 124 – Excrement Exit Showall
Chapter 125 – Let Me See The Willy
Chapter 126 – Last Bus Out Of Sydney
Chapter 127 – Europe’s Highest Village
Chapter 128 – Accidental Teacher
Chapter 129 – Books In The Wall
Chapter 130 – Irish Pub The Guinness Rugby Tackle
Chapter 131 – Everything Including The Girl
Chapter 132 – Dick Rock
Chapter 133 – The Time My Name Was Channer British
Chapter 134 – MSL/I Love You
Chapter 135 – You Cannot Stand Under My Umbrella
Chapter 136 – Doctor Yes
Chapter 137 – The Blowjob Robbery
Chapter 138 – Omitted Ta Pa Tsune
Chapter 139 – Singapore Slinged
Chapter 140 – 1997 Beer Pour (Needs A Proper Title)
Chapter 141 – Swedish Wood
Chapter 142 – Smith’s Not Dead
Chapter 143 – Watership Ballroom
Chapter 144 – Frog
Chapter 145 – Wet House
Chapter 146 – Sticking It In A Dentist’s Mouth
Chapter 147 – Jonny O’Sullivan

Not yet / left out –

Low Austin
Barri Antics

Living With James

My Brunei Girl

Exico/Sexico/Mexico City
Rare Bite Of Pressure
Countries That Didn’t Get Chapters Still Don’t Get Chapters

What It Is Is
Jurassic Park
Whackpacking In Countries You’ve Never Heard Of
Books In The Wall
Two Leet
A Final Straw
The Night My Chilean Friend Pulled a Random Because I Showed Her My Sausage
Shit Airlines
How Many Azerbaijanis Can Ye Fit Intill A Lada?
Tell Me The Story About Rodriguez
Sri Lanka
I Don’t Want To Write Another Story About Another Story
(Expecting Love)
Charlie Chapter
*** ******* ****
Hard Shoulder

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