Backpacking In Czechia: Best things to do in Prague

Planning a trip to Prague? Good choice! It’s a city that is a delightful combination of classical architecture with modern activities dotted around. Prague is known as the ‘city of a hundred spires’ and is one of the top tourist destinations in all of Europe.

Backpacking In Czechia: Best things to do in Prague

There is something for everyone in Prague and with this list, you will know exactly what you want to do when you visit this stunning city.

Roam the Grounds of the Prague Castle

No list of things to do in Prague will be complete without Prague Castle. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this castle will leave you in awe because of its stunning façade. This castle has been the official residence of older Czech rulers, and more recently the president of the country.

The castle grounds are free to enter and are beautifully laid out. However, it is best to buy a ticket that lets you roam around inside the castle and the Golden lanes, the Cathedral, and the Basilica around the castle.

Backpacking In Czechia: Best things to do in Prague

Go Shooting at Prague Gun Range

An activity that will get your adrenaline pumping and leave you with fun memories that will last a lifetime. On the outskirts of Prague, Prague Gun Range boasts 4 different gun ranges where you can feel like an American Sniper or a hooligan in the Wild West. You can choose from an array of legendary weapons and fire them under the supervision of an English-speaking instructor.

In your 4-hour slot, you get to fire as many guns as you want at as many targets as you can. At the end of this session, you are provided with food and drinks and finally a private transfer back to your hotel after a day of gun shooting in Prague.

Dine on a Jazz Cruise

A perfect way to end a busy day of sightseeing is to book a seat on a Jazz Cruise. Aboard this small cruise ship, you can marvel at the sparkling light of Prague against a scenic sunset background. The views are stunning and provide a great way for you to admire the city in all its beauty.

While you take in the views, you can enjoy an authentic multi-course meal that has a lot of popular local dishes. There is also an onboard bar which you can take full advantage of while enjoying the live jazz band.

Relax in the Strahov Monastery

Taking in the sights at a popular tourist destination can be an overwhelming experience, especially if there are huge crowds everywhere. If you’re in the mood to get away from these crowds, Strahov Monastery is the place for you. At the back of Prague Castle and Petrin Hill, this monastery is beautiful on the inside and boasts views of the Lesser Town.

Once you’re done recharging your batteries inside, you can head out and in just a few steps you can get to the Strahov Monastery Brewery. This brewery in itself is a hidden treasure and a great way to taste some local beer.

Marvel at the Astronomical Clock

One of the most popular places in Prague is the Astronomical Clock or the Orloj. It is located in Old Town and is a medieval animatronic clock that performs every hour on the dot. It depicts the walk of the 12 apostles and shows the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and the Zodiac Constellations.

If you want, you can also climb up the tower and take in the vast views of Prague city. This is usually where most of the walking tours end as it marks the perfect end of the day.

Now, plan your trip to Prague and get ready to fall in love with the city!

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