Backpacking in Israel and Palestine: Best Restaurants in Jerusalem

When you are visiting Israel or Palestine, it’s a good idea to sample the food as well as take in the sights. Israeli and Palestinian cuisine is a melting pot of flavors from all over the world: Middle Eastern, American, Indian, Moroccan, and Eastern European, among others. It would be a mistake to skip trying all of it. Here are the best restaurants in Jerusalem, a city of real mixed culture.

Backpacking Jerusalem

Glen Whiskey Bar

This bar in the heart of Jerusalem hits the spot when you want a good burger and some microbeer. Patrons enjoy the wide selection of whiskey, which is comparable to that of any bar in Scotland. Rock music fills the bar and is a wonderful accompaniment to a fun night out. Try the hamburger and fries, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Backpacking in Israel and Palestine: Best Restaurants in Jerusalem


This inexpensive Georgian restaurant fills the need for cheesy pastry in a delicious way. Try the bread bowl filled with cheese and with eggs cooked right on top. Pair that with a glass of beer, and you’re all set for evening. Or have it with coffee and that’s brunch. Enjoy Mahane Yehuda’s outdoor market’s trendy location.

Meat and Eat

Located in the First Station, this upscale meat restaurant brings together delicious cuisine and a lovely, outdoor feeling. The beef dishes are cooked to perfection, and their wine and cocktail list is extensive. The appetizers are creative and fresh. When you go to Meat and Eat for dinner, you will enjoy not only the food, but also the ambiance.

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Backpacking in Israel and Palestine: Best Restaurants in Jerusalem

Derech Hagefen

Derech Hagefen cafe is a pastoral retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city located on the outskirts of Jerusalem in Moshav Beit Zayit. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely breakfast or a mid-week social luncheon. Try the Israeli breakfast, with the coffee brewed to perfection, or the creamy ravioli. This is a restaurant you will want to revisit every time you’re in Israel.


This fusion restaurant brings the best of Asian food to the table. It is located in The Windmill close to the center of town. Try the noodles and chicken, the eggrolls, and, of course, the sushi. There are also several vegetarian dishes to choose from. You will not be disappointed with whatever you choose.

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