Backpacking in Mexico: How to Spend a Budget Weekend in Cancún

Mexico is many a traveler’s dream destination, there are so many cities with so much culture to explore. However, when it comes to beach holidaying there is one destination that stands out from all the rest, Cancún. Cancún is a city on the Yucatán Peninsula, which juts out to sea. This means that on one side you’ve got the beautiful blue Caribbean and on the other, the boat hotspot Nichupte. Those looking for a budget break should always consider a beachy holiday first, after all, the beach is free! Here’s how to spend the perfect budget weekend in this beautiful destination.

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Backpacking in Mexico.

First Things First!

Landing in Cancún, the first thing on most people’s minds is how to get out of the airport and start your holiday proper. However, it would be a huge shame to skip through the airport without visiting the Hideaway at Royalton Riviera. Before you sit down at the poker table, consider spending some time with an odds calculator to help you cement your strategy. It can be a really useful tool for those looking to improve their poker prowess. The Hideaway is an exclusive casino with magical wood-paneled games rooms and a bar menu to die for. Stop for a quick refresher before heading on to your next destination.

Backpacking in Mexico

El Fish Fritanga

When it comes to cheap and delicious lunches, fish is the order of the day in Mexico. El Fish Fritanga is a family-owned restaurant that prides itself on super-fresh fish at a price that everyone can afford. The pescadillas are the most talked-about menu item, thanks in part to a mention from Guy Fieri of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives fame. With that said, they really do speak for themselves though. Super crisp and crunchy tortillas are fried with nurse shark meat and served with a slightly spicy tomato sauce. They’re just 13 pesos for one, which is definitely a price that any budget can stretch to. If you’re after something a little more filling then the soft shell crab tacos are to die for. They come seasoned with spicy, smokey paprika and fresh homemade tortillas. You’ll get change from 300 pesos for these and you’re guaranteed to be full. There are options for those who don’t like fish as well, with grilled meats featuring heavily. If you’re debating whether the fish is delicious though, then rest assured, it really is.

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Backpacking in Mexico City, Mexico

Beach Time

You truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to the beaches on offer in Cancún, so we’ll give you a couple of our favorites. Playa Delfine is a brilliant beach for wildlife lovers as, you guessed it, you’ll be able to spot dolphins. Pods of these incredible creatures play in the waters just off the shore. It’s a marvel to see and many stay to watch them all day. Thanks to these aquatic friends, this beach can get quite busy, but if you don’t mind sharing the sand with fellow backpackersthen it really is a must-visit destination.

For those who enjoy the tranquillity of the beach above all else, there is one location that you really must visit, Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres is a little island off the north of Cancún. It’s totally separated from the mainland and draws far smaller crowds. The sand is sparkling white and the water crystal clear. A visit to Isla Mujeres truly feels like a trip to paradise. The waters here are perfectly safe too, so you can take a dip whenever sunbathing gets too much.

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