Backpacking in Outer Space: 5 Ways to Do it From Earth

Backpacking in Outer Space - chilling on the moon with Neil Armstrong

Backpacking in Outer Space – chilling on the moon with Neil Armstrong

Well you might think I’m going way out there and completely crazy with this one, but bear with me. My Northern Irish sense of humour hasn’t left me just yet and if you’ve followed my stories you’ll know that crazy travel ideas are what often makes me tick…and while I’m not about to start my moon ascent, I thought I’d share some crazy space travel related ideas with you today!! In fact you can feel like you’re backpacking in Space without even leaving planet earth and there are 5 ways you can do that.

Backpacking tips for outer space.

Backpacking tips for outer space.

So when you’re thinking of going backpacking in outer space (carry as much as you want – it’s lighter up there), here are 5 crazy ideas to get you started all from the comfort of Planet Earth!

1. Visiting Space Museums
Start on planet earth. I’ve managed to visit a space museum in some remote places on my travels, most recently the one in Kourou, French Guyana. I also have plans to visit the Armagh Planetarium in Northern Ireland.

The Space Museum in French Guyana.

The Space Museum in French Guyana.

2. Eating Space Food
I’m not talking space Raiders, Mars Bars or Milky Ways. You can actually buy the food that you consume if you’re an astronaut. The Space and Science Museum in London sell them and my blogging buddy Allan Wilson once wrote about Space Ice Cream. Experience “Spacial Cuisine” without even taking your backpack to Jupiter! Hold onto your spoon, it may try to escape!

Astronaut Food - Space Ice Cream!

Astronaut Food – Space Ice Cream!

3. Floating
Some companies on planet earth allow a floating experience as if you are in space. I first heard of this is Russia, but as I write this from Andorra, there is a leisure centre here in Escaldes Engordany that do it too! Nearest I got before that was in the Dead Sea, Israel.

caldea backpacker

A Night of Relaxation at Caldea Leisure Centre, Escaldes Engordany, Andorra

4. Owning a Star
I LOVE this idea. What if a star was yours? Like you own it. Irish Company Buy a Star have a website where you actually buy and own a star. Now all you need is to book your next flight to it, build a flat and you’re sorted. No idea if wifi works up there or not, but you’ll have a star. Check out their website here. I love the fact it’s an Irish company too – amazing idea!!

Buy a Star!

Buy a Star!

5. Movie Night
Get all your favourite films and movies about outer space like Star Wars. Stock up on food like Mars bars, Milky Ways and Space Raiders and get watching. When the film credits roll up at the end, you’ll still be on planet earth!

Star Wars Darth Vader - Movie Night!

Star Wars Darth Vader – Movie Night!

OK so I’m actually still on planet earth and planning to backpack to 100 countries first. But food for thought, there’s a big big universe out there and lots of stars to see. If all that fails, just turn to your record collection and listen to Space Music…


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