Backpacking in Peru: Where to Stay in Lima, Your Guide to the 3 Best Districts 

Backpacking in Peru: Where to Stay in Lima, Your Guide to the 3 Best Districts

When you are a tourist, the best places to stay in Lima are located in three top districts. They are Miraflores, Barranco, and the Historic Center of the city. Each neighbourhood has its own distinct atmosphere as well as pros and cons. To choose the best of these options, you’ll need to consider your personal interests and requirements. 

Top 3 Districts to Stay in Lima: Pros, Cons, and in Between 

  1. Miraflores 

Miraflores is an affluent district that holds all the best hotels, apartments, and expensive boutiques. However, you can find some reasonably affordable accommodation even in this wealthy neighbourhood. For this study options from Airbnb and check out the list of hostels on Miraflores. 

This district is the best place to stay in Lima if you are looking for a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It’s filled with luxury and residences so elegant, you can admire the architecture simply walking down the street. The neighbourhood is the most popular among tourists. 

Backpacking in Peru: Where to Stay in Lima, Your Guide to the 3 Best Districts

Unfortunately, this means that whatever few threats that wait for a traveller in Lima are all present there. Despite it being an affluent and safe district, you can encounter pickpockets on crowded streets during the high season. However, this is an issue no matter where you go, so don’t let it distract you from the great neighbourhood. 

Another issue about Miraflores is that it’s rather expensive. But clever planning and shopping in different parts of the city will help if you are on a budget. There are many attractions in the district, including the Parque of Kennedy, Huaca Pucllana archaeological site, and El Malecon. The latter is a walkway along the coast that offers spectacular views and paragliding opportunities. 

2.Historic Center 

The Historic Center of the city, usually called Centro de Lima, is the best place to stay for history lovers. A major part of it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you are guaranteed to enjoy the views of the neighbourhood. In fact, even if you choose to stay elsewhere, you should visit this place during a free tour in Lima. Those often include this place because they aim to show tourists all the main attractions of the city. A fair number of those is in Centro. This includes the formidable Government Palace, Plaza del Armas, and the Convent of San Francisco. 

Backpacking in Peru: Where to Stay in Lima, Your Guide to the 3 Best Districts

The Historic Center is also one of the best places to stay in Lima for a budget traveller. It’s quite a surprise that some of the cheapest accommodation in the city is located in its most popular part. You might not get another opportunity to live in the historic center of an ancient city, so don’t miss your chance. 

The neighbourhood has many cheap restaurants. However, you’ll have to go to other districts for better shopping experiences. You also need to know that Centro de Lima has a lot of traffic. 


Barranco is a district for those who are looking for authentic cultural experiences. If you are an artist at heart and want to be among your own kind, this is also the place to stay. Barranco used to be considered a bohemian district, but today it’s simply a great place where artisans and creative youths hang out. 

The neighbourhood is beautiful and quirky in architecture. This district has a great nightlife and even better restaurants and cafes. 

This district is cheaper than Miraflores but more expensive than Centro. It’s reasonably safe for a traveller and has some fantastic shops. 

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Backpacking in Peru: Where to Stay in Lima, Your Guide to the 3 Best Districts

Best Place to Stay in Lima: Final Thoughts 

Lima is as safe a city as you can get in South America (SafeAround). Therefore, you don’t have to worry about staying in a ‘bad neighborhood’. Miraflores, Historic Center, and Barranco are extremely versatile districts with good infrastructure geared toward tourists. There is no ‘best’ one among them, so you should always pick based on personal preferences and budget. 

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