Backpacking in South Africa: Arrival In Soweto

Backpacking in South Africa: Arrival In Soweto

Soweto is drenched in more history than your average “neighbourhood.” From the Soweto uprising of the 70s, to the return of Nelson Mandela, to the current open atmosphere which is present in this massive “township”.
Settling in there was one of the most friendly and easy experiences in life. It felt instantly like a home, aided mostly from the fact that I chose to stay in Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers. Probably the most recommended backpackers/hostel I have ever stayed in. Cosy, comforting, welcoming, informative and they will do everything for you. They even minded my bags as I traipsed round southern Africa to return there at the end of my trip.

Soweto will feature much more prominently on here, as my memories from there are vivid and special. I just thought I’d post something up now, as it’s been about 5 months since I was there and felt my blog needed a short piece on Soweto.
Where I Stayed – Soweto Backpackers and a homestay with Rachel

Population of Soweto – 1.5 million

Transport Used – Car, Bus, Taxi, Bicycle

ONE VIDEO from Soweto, more to follow:

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