Backpacking in the UK: Reasons to Visit Devon and Cornwall

It’s backpacking in England and Cornwall time again. You might have read my recent English posts on Dorset and Hampshire. I’m slightly biased here as I used to live there, but my favourite four counties in this part of the world are Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall. In fact, three of those are English counties, the other is a Cornish County – Cornwall. A county with its own language, pasty and flag.

The Cornwall Flag.

The Cornwall Flag.

The Devon flag

The Devon Flag.






I first visited Devon in 1986 (Bideford) and Cornwall (Truro and Boswinger). I was initially there with my family on summer holidays but have since been back to explore as an adult, plus one of my best mates, Mr. Dan Darch is from Cornwall and a long awaited trip to his home town is needed. These are four gems of counties and I’m heading back in September to the south coast. Here is a really cool Infographic from Blue Chip Holidays who have covered the top sights of this marvellous two counties.


2 thoughts on “Backpacking in the UK: Reasons to Visit Devon and Cornwall

  • Hi Jonny,

    I love the fact that you blog about England. I think it is a very under rated country, and many visitors tend to focus on London, when really there are so many wonderful places out there.
    Now that I am living in the South East, I am excited to get to explore places like Devon and Dorset, which are really just on my doorstep.

    Safe travels

    Abbi recently posted…The underground cities of Cappadocia, TurkeyMy Profile

  • Hi Abbi, thanks for the comment. Yes I write about as many places as I can including England of course. There are still a lot of parts of England and Wales that I’m aiming to get to. I’ll be back there in September or October time. Safe travels. Jonny

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