Backpacking in the United Kingdom: 4 Classic Countries

Backpacking in the United Kingdom: 4 Classic Countries

Visiting the United Kingdom (UK) is a treat that immerses you into several cultures that are a bit similar and yet different. Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England make up the UK and travelling between them is very easy. If you are looking for the best travel experience, continue reading as we learn more about the exciting things you can do in each country.

Northern Ireland

This country may sound confusing because we often hear about Ireland. Ireland is actually the Republic of Ireland and is not a part of the UK, whereas Northern Ireland is. This country is the one for the history buffs because there are so many historic sites to visit. The famed Dunluce Castle is situated on the North Antrim coast and was home to the MacDonnell Clan (who had their hands deep in politics in 15th and 16th centuries). Not only is the castle itself is gorgeous, the view of the coastline is breathtaking.

Backpacking in Northern Ireland: Top 20 Sights in Bangor

Backpacking in Northern Ireland: Top 20 Sights in Bangor

You also must visit the Titanic museum in Belfast. See the dockyard where the infamous ship was built and set sail from. Learn fascinating facts about the ship and see replications of the cabins on board. You can even enjoy champagne teas by the grand staircase just like passengers on the fateful voyage. And don’t forget my birth town of Newtownards and my home town of Bangor. Pure classic Ulsteric towns.

Out of all the countries in the UK, Northern Ireland is considered one of the safest. Rarely do tourists endure any criminal acts which makes them even more inviting. On occasion, people have lost their wallets while visiting. When this happens, it helps to have an emergency plan in place. Before leaving, have a family member at the ready who can transfer your money should you lose your wallet. There are tons of transfer offices, such as Ria Money Transfer-UK, to make it very easy for you to get the money you need to get home.


Wales is just east of England and is perfect for the outdoorsy type of person. There are so many amazing outdoor activities to take in and you can slow down along the coast to recuperate before the next adventure. You can try skydiving over the Gower Peninsula and take in the beauty of the coastline. If you want a combination of adventures, look for the outdoor activity centers that offer a wide range. Many have ziplining and climbing walls so that you can play around for hours, like a child at Chuck E. Cheese.  Be sure to read up on some UK-based outdoor blogs to get some inside information on the best places to check out!

It is important to take into consideration that with adventure comes possible accidents. If you should need some medical assistance after enjoying a bit of surfing, you need to understand the medical system in Wales. It is advisable to check out the US Embassy website to help you navigate. As a visitor to the country, you do not qualify for their National Health Plan. You must pay for the services at the time of your visit. You can also check with your insurance company to see if they offer any plans that can cover your trip.


Wales Medieval Festival – The Tournament


Scotland has its own share of history and gorgeous views that you should enjoy. Loch Ness is a beautiful area to visit and great if you happen to enjoy the folklore surrounding “Nessie”. Edinburgh is the number one spot to stop at for history, gorgeous castles, and amazing views. Enjoy some Buckfast, a caffeinated wine that is very popular.

Friday’s Featured Food: Haggis, tatties and neeps in Edinburgh, Scotland.


England is the center of it all and London is the capital. There are tons of things to do in England that range from adventurous to relaxing. We highly recommend hitting all the castles you can and enjoy tea time the proper English way. Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious English breakfast!

The UK is fun and exciting and perfect for anyone. With a few precautions and an adventurous spirit, you will want to come back again and again!

Stonehenge, ENGLAND

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