Backpacking in the USA: 5 Things to do in Atlantic City

It’s been seven years since I went backpacking in the USA and while I have fond memories of touring Los Angeles and New York on the cheap, it’s the realisation that the world is huge and we may never be there again. Here’s a sure fire top 5 things to do in Atlantic City in New Jersey – bear in mind you’ll need to get your visa first.

Backpacking in the USA - Atlantic City

Backpacking in the USA – Atlantic City

1. Casinos
Let’s start with the obvious. Most people are here as they see it as a cooler version of Macau or Vegas and that it probably is. Still full of casinos and people but on a slightly lower scale (if you can say that).

Casino time in AC.

Casino time in AC.

2. Bars
Yes – you’re going to enjoy yourself at night in Atlantic City. Bars, pubs and nightclubs line the streets. Cocktails and pitchers for happy hour and when I’m there with the lads – we’ll get the sports on the big screen! – A cool place for this is A Dam Good Sports Bar!

Atlantic City, USA by night.

Atlantic City, USA by night.

3. Luxury Hotel Rooms
Chuck out your cheapskate backpacking lifestyle and live it up in AC, getting into a top notch hotel room in AC. Of course aside from the main casinos, if you feel like relaxing there is also legal online gambling available and you can actually be sitting in your hotel room betting and gambling away to your heart’s content! Not all holidays mean you have to spend every minute of your time outdoors and personally I’d be happy sitting doing a bit of blogging, Facebooking and watching football from the comfort of my hotel room. Plus the swimming pool, room service and all that Don’t Stop Living aspires to the day I give my backpack a break…

Live it up in a hotel with a pool...

Live it up in a hotel with a pool…

4. Beaches and Boardwalk
By day stroll the beaches, strut your stuff and check out the world famous boardwalk. This was the world’s first boardwalk apparently. The Atlantic City Boardwalk features hotels, resorts, shops, bars, casinos and more. There’s also amusement arcades, cinemas, gardens and even the Atlantic City historical museum and Atlantic City Art Center. 

atlantic city casino

Beaches and Boardwalk in AC.

5. Miss America
Atlantic City is home to the Miss America so all the lads will be up for getting a glimpse of the top babes on offer. Good city to pull in by all accounts and a fair few bikinis floating about. Ahem, Nina Davuluri…and check out this site, LADS 😉

Nina Davuluri - Miss America.

Nina Davuluri – Miss America.

So yeah – as a backpacker to the USA you got to check out places like Atlantic City and I’d sure as hell stick it on your list! In other news, there’s a high chance I’ll be back  in the USA at some point later in the year…

Safe travels.

2 thoughts on “Backpacking in the USA: 5 Things to do in Atlantic City

  • Hey Jonny, thanks for sharing this. Although Atlantic City has become famous for its casinos, there’s so much to do here. Apart from what you’ve mentioned, there are museums, and the Atlanta City Aquarium is a must visit.

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