Backpacking Snacker: Biltong – The ultimate post-gym protein snack?

There is nothing better than feeling the tightness in your muscles after a good weightlifting workout at the gym. Your body requires protein to rebuild its muscles and increase their mass and strength. It is not enough to just lift weights and go home. It would help if you nourished your muscles to stimulate their building blocks with essential proteins and amino acids.

Backpacking Snacker: Biltong - The ultimate post-gym protein snack?

Backpacking Snacker: Biltong – The ultimate post-gym protein snack?

A lot of weightlifters choose protein powders and various other protein supplements for their post-workout snack. However, you would be better off with a food-based snack that offers you a healthy protein source. So-called nutritionists might recommend chicken and fish, but they don’t contain as much protein and fat as beef.

Fat can be turned into a viable source of energy if you cut carbs from your diet. Beef is an excellent food source for this type of diet. It contains low carbs but has enough protein and fat to rebuild your muscle and energize your body. If you consume organic beef made from gas-fed cows, it is even better.

The Ultimate Protein Snack

Cut out the burgers and steaks from your post-gym diet. If you want a healthy snack with the right balance of fat, protein, and carbs, choose biltong beef. It is like eating beef jerky but with natural ingredients and better proteins and fats. There are no sugars or chemical additives used to enhance the flavour of biltong beef. Only natural herbs and spices are used for that purpose.

Biltong beef is the ultimate protein snack to have after a gym workout because it gives you a healthy natural dose of protein for your muscles. Even though protein shakes are fast and convenient to consume, they are not as beneficial as actual protein-based food. Not only that, but your body cannot absorb protein from a liquid as easily as it can from solid foods. If you only consume powdered shakes and drinks as your post-gym protein source, then your muscles might not be benefiting as much as you think.

A few pieces of biltong beef are all you need to consume after a workout. The average serving of biltong beef will give you 16 grams of protein, 1.3 grams of fat, and 65 calories. It might not seem like many macronutrients, but it is plenty of protein and fat to consume as a snack.

The best part is you can easily consume biltong beef anywhere because it comes prepared as dried meat just like jerky. You don’t need to fry anything on the stove or bake anything in the oven. You don’t even need to microwave anything. The biltong comes totally prepared in its snack bag packaging.

We recommend putting a biltong snack bag in your gym bag and taking it with you to the gym. Then you’ll have it ready immediately to consume after your workout is completed. You won’t need to wait 20 minutes to get home to prepare any food. Instead, you can take out the bag of biltong in the gym and eat it there. The meat pieces are thick, but they’re easy to chew and swallow. You’ll be left feeling satisfied without any hunger pains whatsoever. Most importantly, your muscles will begin to feel satisfied too.


Biltong should never replace a full course meal. But if you can consume a serving of biltong after a workout, your muscles won’t be deprived of protein as they attempt to rebuild themselves. The sooner your muscles get the protein, the faster and bigger they can grow in size and strength. That is one of the main reasons to weightlift in the first place, right?

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