Best Backpacking Equipment For Hiking

Down the years of backpacking the world, hiking became a big part of my journey. I have done hikes on every continent now, including a wacaday trip up Cuverville Island in Antarctica in 2010. Looking back, my favourite hikes were the Real Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, it was so epic, I even released an e-Book on it.

Beginner's Guide to Hiking: Trails That Offer an Easy Start

Hiking the Inca Trail in 2010

Later on, I’d hike to the peak of Malaysia and Borneo’s high mountainMount Kinabalu which is 20th highest in the world on topographic prominence. That is a truly epic hike and one I covered manys a time on here. It was glory days loyal.

mount kinabalu view

Quite simply immense – loving the views from the top of Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. Amazing!

When planning such hikes, here are some of the aspects I had to consider time and time again.

Shoes and Insoles

It goes without saying that your footwear is vitally important when hiking – you need to feel comfy when you walk. So as well as good shoes, you’ll need decent insoles as well as good socks. I recommend that you keep your soles fresh and cosy by wearing great insoles on your feet.  These can be regular insoles of course, but I find that football or soccer insoles are excellent and I love having that extra cushion on my feet when I backpack and hike. Plus it stops the feet going dry and the skin going hard. Try it!

Shoes of beer at Mufasa on Monkey Bay

A Decent Backpack

Since I started properly backpacking in 2003, I have owned over 20 different backpacks. Well it’s the name of the game isn’t it? Without a backpack, I am not a backpacker! So here are a few tips.

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: My New Backpack - The BackLight®18L From Mindshift Gear

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: My New Backpack – The BackLight®18L From Mindshift Gear

For sure, my favourite backpacks are from ThinkTank and MindShift Gear. I have a Backlight 18L from Mindshift Gear and a new black ThinkTank. Both are pictured and linked on there – the best thing about both is their durability! They last for years and I love that aspect to them.

Debuting my FirstLight® 35L+ From ThinkTank

Thermal Clothing

Usually, the higher up you hike, the colder it gets. Maybe odd as you are getting closer to the sun, but especially at night it can get chilly. I had bus breakdowns in San Marino and Turkey and a train breakdown in Romania, so be ready for it. Even put your extra warm clothes in your backpack and wear them when you need them. Gloves, scarves and coats loyal.

jonny blair in san marino

My bus broke down and I was stranded in the snow in San Marino.

Water Filter Bottle

To save carrying around endless bottles of water or drinks on your backpacking hiking trip, carry a bottle which filters out the dirt from natural water. You can use river water and from waterfalls here and not have to backpack the world too heavy.

My water filter bottle which takes out the crap.

There are many other little tips and tricks for backpacking the world, but those are a few of my favourites!

Safe travels!


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