Breathtaking Vacations in the USA That Won’t Break the Bank

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Breathtaking Vacations That Won’t Break the Bank

Every once in a while everyone needs a getaway; a time to relax and release the stress of everyday life. While extravagant getaways at lavish resorts may sound nice, they are not always financially fiscal. However, this does not mean that deserving individuals should have to compromise their enjoyment of beautiful views, enjoyable entertainment and pure relaxation. Below are a few breathtaking vacations around the United States that will not break the bank.

1. Carolina Beach, North Carolina
For those interested in local  Raleigh travel, Carolina Beach is an excellent vacation destination. As a resort town it has various activities and amenities to cater to the different desires of tourists. It is especially known for various water activities, including:
– Surfing
– Wind surfing
– Deep sea fishing
– Yachting

2. Laguna Beach, California
Some may recognize this coastal city as the picturesque backdrop to the teenage drama of young MTV reality stars. However, it has much more to offer for all types of individuals. Its coastland is considered amongst the most beautiful in the world, and the town offers plenty of art and cultural activities and events to enjoy. In fact, it is home to the Festival of Arts, the Sawdust Festival, and Art-A-Fair.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana
If you enjoy a unique mixture of live music, Creole cuisine and European-style architecture, then New Orleans is the destination for you. This city is filled with so much spirit and character that even a category 5 hurricane like Katrina could not destroy it. Many people enjoy the Mardi Gras scene in March, which is filled with colorful masks, beads, parties and an all around wild time. For those partiers who visit other times of the year, Bourbon Street and the vast amount of casinos are there to keep them entertained into the wee hours of the morning.

4. New Port, Rhode Island
Known as a common vacation spot for past presidents, New Port Beach is the perfect destination for those looking for a classy getaway. This harbor town is identified as having some of the freshest seafood along the Atlantic Coast, as well as some of the most lavish, beautiful homes. There are also a number of public sailing clubs that are open to tourists and locals, so whether you are a novice or a professional, there are options for you to enjoy.

5. Savannah, Georgia
For the eccentric traveler, Savannah is a must visit area. Known for its southern charm and haunting suspicions, it is a common cheap tour destination. Enjoy the plethora of decadent restaurants or soak in the city history on one of the various tours available. Some of the most common tour choices include: plantation tours hauntings tours old trolley tours There are also various shops and spectacular architecture to enjoy. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind experience. These are just a few of the many interesting yet peaceful and affordable vacation options that you can choose from. To learn more, whether you are looking for Raleigh travel to Washington or any other special destination, contact your local travel agent for details on affordable vacations that are available to you.

Safe travels!

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