Countries You Need To Visit If You’re A Backpacking And Hiking Enthusiast

Spending time outdoors can be a great way to boost your energy levels, improve your vision in life, and enhance your creativity. The more often you enjoy the great outdoors, the more people you’ll meet.

Countries You Need To Visit If You’re A Backpacking And Hiking Enthusiast

These benefits are probably the reason why you’re now interested in going backpacking and hiking. Besides, testing your endurance while basking in new scenery is always a good combination, right?

Before delving into the great outdoors, you need to check reputable websites, such as Outdoorcommand, to know what to pack. Also, you need to decide what country to visit for your backpacking and hiking trip.

Countries You Need To Visit If You’re A Backpacking And Hiking Enthusiast

If you’re clueless about where to go, check the following countries:

1.The USA

The US is known for a lot of things. This country offers one of the best beaches, theme parks, and wines in the world. For someone who loves art and culture, this country can also be a paradise because it has the most unique architecture and historical sites. But are you aware that the USA is also a great country to hike?

Countries You Need To Visit If You’re A Backpacking And Hiking Enthusiast

If you want to take your hiking experience to the next level, start researching the following hiking trails in the US:

2.Lost Coast Trail In California

As the name suggests, the Lost Coast Trail is often forgotten because several companies have attempted to construct roads but failed, making the area seem lost. Only a very few people actually know about this hiking trail.

You’ll need to spend at least three days to traverse this 24.6-mile trail. Because this trail requires you to pass through beaches, it’s best if you look at the tide schedule before hiking. Some areas of the trail are impassable during high tide.

3.Kesugi Ridge Trail In Alaska

In case you didn’t know, Alaska is one of the best places to hike when you’re in the US. The variety of trails it offers allows hikers – regardless if amateurs or pros – to find the perfect trail for them.

Start your hike by taking on the Kesugi Ridge Trail in Alaska. For semi-serious hikers, this 36.2 miles trail will require three days to be completed. This trail offers flexibility because you’ll have four options on your starting and ending points.


You’ll never run out of activities when you’re in Chile. This is the country where you’ll taste the best ice cream and most unique street foods. But, that’s not the only things Chile has to offer. Chile is also a great destination for backpacking and hiking enthusiasts.


Countries You Need To Visit If You’re A Backpacking And Hiking Enthusiast

Here are some of the trails you can take when you’re in Chile:

5.Sierra Baguales In Patagonia

Trekking the Sierra Baguales can be a great way of enjoying the landscapes of the country. Aside from the breathtaking views, the Sierra Baguales also allows you to see wild animals and marine fossils up close.

This trail stretches for about 37 miles and will require you to walk through a lagoon and mountains that are located at 3,937 feet above sea level.

6.The Atacama Desert In Chile

Going through bodies of water and steep terrains is already common when hiking. Most trails around the world will offer this experience to hikers. If you want to take a more unique trail, visit the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Unlike other hiking trails, the Atacama Desert requires you to traverse a desert for ten days. Sure, the hike might be daunting and long, but because of the valleys, rocky canyons, and sand dunes you can see in the trail, your efforts will surely be worth it.

7.New Zealand

Whenever someone hears the country New Zealand, images of lush, green mountains will usually come into mind. This island country is known for its national rugby team, kiwi fruit, and manuka honey.

Adam's Peak hike at night

Countries You Need To Visit If You’re A Backpacking And Hiking Enthusiast

If you think New Zealand is a country suitable only for the laidback traveler, you’re wrong. New Zealand also has the best hiking trails in the world, such as:

8.Ben Lomond In Queenstown

The Ben Lomond trail in Queenstown isn’t for the faint-hearted. This trail will require you to climb a mountain that has an altitude of 1,748 meters. You can take the trail any time of the year, but during summer is the best time to do it as the weather is cooler.

You have two options in taking this trail. You can ride a Skyline Grandola and save yourself from hiking for 450 meters in the middle of pine forests. The second option you have is to hike from Queenstown, just like the locals usually do.

9.Roy’s Peak In New Zealand

If you’re looking for a shorter, less challenging trail, Roy’s Peak might be more appropriate for you. This trail will require you to hike for about 8 kilometers going up (16 kilometers in total as you’ll be taking the same route going down) and can be completed for seven hours.

10.Consider Your Skills

When deciding which country to visit next, don’t forget to assess your skills as a hiker, too. Going on a trail that’s too extreme or challenging for your skills can lead to injuries. A trail that’s too easy for your skills can become dull and boring.

Make sure that you’ll find the perfect trail suitable for your skills so your upcoming backpacking and hiking experience will be one for the books!

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