The Dapper Gents Guide To Travel!

Imagine a world where backpackers are dressed in suits?? That’s the dream my friends, isn’t it? OK well not quite, I’m still a football shirt and shorts kind of guy but I have turned up at weddings (in the Middle East!) and posh dinners on my travels, so yes it could happen to me. I know you will be thinking this is just another of those “hipster” posts, well I can assure you that it won’t be, it will hopefully be a point of call for all of us to share business travel tips, alongside personal style tastes. I’m very much into the business side of backpacking these days. So for this, first ever dapper gent post I will introduce you to the shirt and tie backpacker, requires a new logo:

Jonny Blair Business Backpacker.

Jonny Blair Business Backpacker.

I am lucky enough to be in a business where I have become a seasoned traveller, from long haul travel to Australia, to Paris for a simple meeting, I am never at home it seems and in fact I don’t ever have a set home. This has some major plus points. I have been lucky enough to create a style picking up from a range of different cultures which is perhaps why a Northern Ireland shirt matches a pair of shorts bought in China or the Philippines.

But you know what – I always make sure I have a spare tie!!

I know it sounds silly, but I love my glamorous events too and I do dress up on occassion.

With a tie on at an Internations Event in Hong Kong.

With a tie on at an Internations Event in Hong Kong.

I have actually packed a few ties along my journey, even picked up a freebie from House of Rokoko mens as well as my market visits to the stalls of Mong Kok in Hong Kong.

As well as ties, if I’m on a sure fire business or wedding trip, aside from my usual backpacking adventures, there are certain things I then need to make sure that I pack which I wouldn’t normally. Leather shoes are a must, I always want to look good at weddings and functions. Who says a business backpacker has to be all about flip flops, all the time? Break the mould my friends…

Besides if you have read my stuff about teaching in Hong Kong, you will know I also have worn a tie in work down the years.

Wearing a tie while teaching English in Hong Kong.

Wearing a tie while teaching English in Hong Kong.

It’s a big transition from the shorts and football shirt to the shirt and tie, but I do it and I also love it. Guaranteed it surprises a few of you!

Safe travels.

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