Dating as a Tourist: Options in Northern England

As a long term tourist and backpacker, life on the road can get weary and at times tiring and depressing. It is truly hard to find love and settle down when your wandering heart and backpack craves another adventure, almost daily. When I look back at my life in England, it was actually the easiest time I had in the dating game. Romance seemed easier to come by and there were more options. Perhaps speaking in my mother tongue, or just feeling at home having watched British TV as a kid growing up in Northern Ireland was the clincher. But why should you focus on dating someone that lives near you? Are long distance relationships really a bad thing? Here are some reasons why you should look closer to home. You just never really know when love is around the corner.

1.Time saving

If you date someone who lives nearby, think of the time you will save already. Imagine like my mate Lee that you are a big Nottingham Forest fan (fond memories of a 1-1 draw for AFC Bournemouth at Nottingham Forest). In that situation options closer to home like Love Nottinghamshire Singles are clearly a big time saver and a local advantage. You will save time meeting up, chatting and getting to know each other.

Nottingham Castle

2.Local knowledge

Just simple things such as local knowledge can really help. If you know the shops, bars, restaurants and offices it can be just easier to arrange meetings and dates. As well as knowing the cinema times, the best boozer of a Friday evening and the best Nottingham dating site, did you know that Nottingham has England’s oldest pub?? A little known fact and one I still didn’t write about yet! A crazy story to come no doubt. I look back to my 2014 time in the Nottinghamshire countryside as a first release into the wild of local England.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham - perfect date in England's oldest pub?!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham – perfect date in England’s oldest pub?!

3.Countryside walks

In the north of England, I have fond memories of sleeping in the countryside. I mostly toured Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland, often tying football in with my trips. I hung out in Newcastle and Sunderland and also headed to Carlisle in Cumbria for a football match at Brunton Park. I was made aware that local ladies do like to flirt there and was given some advice on Cumbria dating. While, it all fizzled out eventually, it was good to know the local options. Walks in the sublime countryside certainly helped improve my chances of dating. Ladies there seemed to like nature. It’s no surprise to me though, since the area has such great landscapes and not the busy city feel of places like Liverpool, Manchester and London. At the time I stayed in some elaborate stately homes and was checking for Love Cumbria Singles type websites to match make with ease without wasting time and effort.

Charm in Northern England

Aside from these three tactics, it is also very important to immerse yourself in the local culture – get to know about the food, the drink, the traits, the fashion trends, the local festivals and events. It’s actually quite easy to impress your potential partner when you do a bit of research and make some effort. Good luck on your quest. If anything goes wrong, there is always the Lake District to find solace and peace in…


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