Dating As a Tourist: Why November Was My Peak Time For Dating

Dating As a Tourist: Peak Time For Dating

November has always been my love month. It’s the month I always met the girls that played a huge part in my lives. That might seem like a sweeping statement, but it has been true my whole life and I’m aware of it. I’ll take you through some of these romances, as this is the prime time of year for starting a romance, well so it seemed in my barmy life…

Back in November 2004, I was encharmed by Bournemouth girl Lauren Dunford. Lauren wasn’t single that November, but soon she became single and we dated for a few months in 2005. We met in real life, in Jumpin Jaks club, rather than through an online method like a Buckingham dating site.

Lauren and I in 2005

Then it was November 2008…

Fast forward to November 2008 and it was the turn of Hungarian dancer. She was just working in the coffee shop in the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth and I wasn’t looking for love or anything.

But I fell madly in love with that lady. We toured many parts of England together, including Portsmouth, the New Forest and London. Then we headed to Hungary together to visit her family. I met her Mum and sister Maria too. We toured Debrecen, Szolnok and Budapest.

Love in the Antarctic

On the 8th November 2010, I boarded a boat in Ushuaia in Argentina. A trip that was to change my life. After our first landing in Antarctica, at the captain’s dinner I met budget backpacker Panny Yu. Panny and I fell in love, I moved to Hong Kong in 2011 and we were together for 5 years. We visited 44 countries together, and every continent. But the spark had fizzled out and I found myself lost and lonely by the end of 2015, before plunging into depression in mid 2016, influenced by the final girl in this jigsaw, who features in the last November girl of my journey. At least for now.

The table where I met Panny Yu in Antarctica

The table where I met Panny Yu in Antarctica

This is the last known photo that I have of Panny Yu and Jonny Blair. I had no idea…

Panny and I on the hike into the snow

Panny and I on Shabbat Dinner night in Jerusalem, Israel

My girlfriend Panny and my Mum at Eden Pottery

Celebrating my 100th country with Ayoub and Panny

Panny Yu and I deep sea diving off the coast of Honduras.

Panny and I atop Mount Kinabalu

My girlfriend Panny Yu visits Northern Ireland.

The Maltese Girl

After Panny and I split in 2015, I met up with a Maltese travel friend by coincidence. That girl was a sad part of my story. She came and went, taking with her a spate of lies, some childish charm and escaping after I had fallen in love. We originally met in mainland Europe, not Malta where she came from, and I later relocated to Poland. Girls like her can be easily found on free dating sites.

Who knows what is in store this November. With Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all on the way, be sure to keep on top of the dating game by visiting dating sites in Buckingham.

Good luck on your quest for love the next few months.

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