The Day I…Got Loads of Spots on My Head in Senegal

The Day I...Got Loads of Spots on My Head in Senegal

The Day I…Got Loads of Spots on My Head in Senegal

I had to double check the mirror time and time again. Spots were growing at a huge rate. I felt OK inside, I wasn’t ill and mentally I was fine. But externally, on the crazy border crossing from The Gambia to Senegal, I had somehow got about 30 – 40 small spots on my forehead. They were all just in front of my hair and they were horrible. I feared they were going to spread. I went into the shower at my hotel in Dakar and soaped my forehead for 10 minutes and washed my hair thoroughly.

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Senegal to Gambia border

I lay down and slept instead of backpacking the top x number of boring sights in another city on another journey.

I woke up an hour later and all the spots were gone. It was like I dreamt the whole thing up. I even looked back at my photos and the spots don’t look bad in the photo. But they were – they huge and in abundance at the time. And then magically – they disappeared.

To this day, I have no idea what the spots were. Maybe it was stress and depression. Maybe it was a temporary disease, maybe it was travel fatigue. You can read more of my crazy time in Senegal on the #MSMLostLuggage challenge.

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