Decorating with Firearms: How To Display Guns On The Wall

Firearms transcend mere tools for protection, holding a deep significance in many households. Collectors and enthusiasts find them to be functional objects, testaments to history, and expressions of personal passion.

Decorating with Firearms: How To Display Guns On The Wall

For those who wish to showcase these prized possessions and add a unique touch to their décor, displaying firearms on the wall can be a transformative option. This transformation goes beyond aesthetics, encompassing safety, design, and how you present your collection.

Read on to discover essential considerations for creating a firearm display that’s secure, visually striking, and a true conversation starter.

Safety First: Essential Considerations

Prioritizing safety is crucial before showcasing your firearm collection. This ensures a responsible display that protects your firearms and those around them.

Here are some essential considerations:

Secure mounting 

Invest in high-quality wall mounts designed for your firearm’s weight and style. For instance, an AR 15 wall mount is sturdier than those for pistols. Refrain from settling for generic hooks or flimsy brackets. Look for mounts with multiple anchor points and ensure they’re securely fastened into wall studs for maximum stability. A sudden bump or imbalanced weight shouldn’t cause the firearm to dislodge.

Unloaded and inoperable 

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth reiterating. Never display a loaded firearm. Always double-check that the chamber is empty and remove the magazine entirely. If your firearm has a safety mechanism, engage it for an extra layer of security. Leaving a gun loaded, even for display purposes, introduces unnecessary risk.

Trigger guards covered 

Consider using trigger guards or cable ties to prevent accidental discharge during cleaning or dusting. This is especially important if your display is in a high-traffic area or accessible to children. Even a minor bump or snag could have serious consequences. Trigger guards offer a simple yet effective way to mitigate this risk.

Following these steps, you can confidently showcase your collection, knowing you’ve taken the necessary precautions.

Decorating with Firearms: How To Display Guns On The Wall

Planning Your Display: Choosing the Right Location

Choosing the right location for your firearm display goes beyond aesthetics. It ensures the safety and longevity of your collection while maximizing visual impact.

Consider these factors to ensure a safe and visually appealing presentation:


Avoid areas with excessive moisture or heat, such as basements, attics, or directly above fireplaces. Constant temperature fluctuations and humidity can damage wood or metal components, leading to rust or warping. Opt for dry, well-ventilated spaces with consistent temperatures.

Traffic flow

Be mindful of where people walk to prevent accidental bumps or snags. Avoid positioning firearms directly above furniture or walkways. This minimizes the risk of dislodging a firearm and ensures visitor safety. Consider dedicated display areas with ample clearance for comfortable viewing.


Proper lighting elevates the visual appeal of your display. Harsh overhead lighting can create unflattering shadows. Instead, consider track lighting or strategically placed spotlights to highlight the details and craftsmanship of your firearms. This creates a more museum-quality presentation.

Considering these factors, you can create a showcase that protects your collection while maximizing its visual impact.

Creating a Cohesive Look: Design Considerations

While safety and location are crucial, the impact of a well-designed display is significant. A cohesive presentation elevates your firearms from mere objects to conversation starters and treasured pieces.

Here’s how to achieve a visually striking arrangement:

Grouping by type

Organize your display thematically. Group rifles together by action type (bolt-action, lever-action, etc.) or pistols by caliber. Instead of just displaying your rifles, think of it as a mini-museum of reloading. Group them by action type (bolt-action, lever-action) to show how engineering evolved. Pistols? Group by caliber to showcase the range of firepower (figuratively, of course). Or, take a historical approach—organize chronologically, and your display will become a timeline of firearms through the ages.


Consider the overall style of your space. A rustic lodge setting might call for traditional wooden gun racks with natural finishes that complement the surroundings. A modern loft might benefit from sleek, minimalist mounts in chrome or glass to create a clean, contemporary look. Matching the display to your existing décor creates a unified and polished aesthetic.

Complementary accents 

Elevate your display by incorporating related items that tell a story. Hunting trophies (ethically sourced, of course) can showcase the practical use of your firearms. Historical documents, like firearm patents or ownership records, add a layer of authenticity. Even spent bullet casings (inert, always), displayed in a decorative bowl, can add a narrative touch. These complementary elements bring your collection to life and provide talking points for admirers.

Considering these design elements, you can transform your collection into a stunning focal point in your home.


Displaying firearms in your home is about creating a safe, legal, and aesthetically pleasing exhibit that respects each piece’s history and craftsmanship. By thoughtfully selecting mounts, choosing the right location, and designing a cohesive display, you transform functional objects into artful highlights of your decor. This guide ensures that your firearm display reflects your style and is a testament to responsible ownership and appreciation of firearm heritage.

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