Designing 4th of July Independence Day Celebration Posters Using Design Bundles

The cool company called Design Bundles began as a business in July 2016 with their main aim being to provide their customers with affordable digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. It’s a really cool website with an abundance of ideas to fit all businesses out there. As a nationalist myself, I found it pretty cool and amusing that they have a 4th of July Bundle. You see, it is important for countries to remember and embrace their history. All countries deserve a formation day, or an independence day. For those in the USA, it lies of course on the 4th July. Stars and stripes loyal, the famous star spangled banner.

Designing 4th of July Celebration Posters Using Design Bundles

Since their formation, Design Bundles have managed to build a customer base of more than 1 million users. On their easy to use forum at Design Bundles, you can browse over 150,000 Marketplace Products and save big money on our Curated Design Bundles with up to 96% off the Regular Retail Price. I checked out their special 4th July Independence Day options in terms of svg files, ideas and banners. In 2021 Northern Ireland will have our 100 year anniversary celebration and it makes me proud to see such an event promoted on a high scale.


In terms of the USA and their Independence Day, Design Bundles have a special 4th of July svg, ideal for that cause. I checked out some of their designs, whilst designing three of my own ideas.

Designing 4th of July Celebration Posters Using Design Bundles

1.Wall Posters
Using a map of the United States of America, with three colours, of course red, blue and white the below design would make for a super wall poster. It also contains those famous lines “land of the free”, “because of the brave”.

Designing 4th of July Celebration Posters Using Design Bundles

2.Promotional Poster for a Bar in NYC
I also used some of these designs to create a poster promoting an Independence Day party at a bar in New York City. I would like to do the same in 2021 when Northern Ireland has our national 100 year anniversary day, but for now, this little design would be a great poster for a USA event in a mock bar called “Johnny’s Bar and Grill”, I enjoyed making such designs using the Design Bundles platform. I used the images from Design Bundles to show how easy it is to add images to your own poster campaign.

Johnnys Bar and Grill promotional poster

Johnnys Bar and Grill promotional poster

3.Social Media Independence Day Soccer Tournament

I felt like designing a flier and advert for use on Social Media (and also as a poster) to advertise a mini soccer tournament. I am a huge football fan (soccer geek) and I love to play, watch and support all things football. An Independence Day soccer event in Chicago formed the basis of this design, using one of the many Design Bundles svg images.

Social Media Independence Day Soccer Tournament

So happy Independence Day to all Americans out there. Make the 4th July a day and night to truly celebrate and remember!

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