Digital Nomadery: How to Ace Microsoft 70-742 Test with Exam Dumps

Almost everyone has heard about Microsoft in the world. It is a reputable organization known for its line of Windows operating systems and its Office Suite package. Their products they offer are spread so widely that you too, for sure, may have used some once in your life.

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Digital Nomadery: How to Ace Microsoft 70-742 Test with Exam Dumps

What you may not have known is the fact that they even offer certifications that are related to their products and services. Microsoft credentials are available in the four levels of expertise: Fundamentals, Associate, Expert, and Specialty. This year Microsoft has issued job-role credentials focused on professional skills, while their previous badges (MTA, MCSA, MCSD, MCSE) are still valid though they will be retired within some time.

In this article, we will be talking more about the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 accreditation, and 70-742 exam related to it.

What You Should Know about MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Credential

The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is the latest version of the server operating system from Microsoft that features increased security through built-in security characteristics, new ways to deploy and run applications using containers, nested virtualization, etc. MCSA: Windows Server 2016 is a competitive advantage for network administrators dealing with Microsoft products.

To obtain this badge, every candidate has to pass three following exams which are 70-740, 70-741, 70-742.

If you have a valid MCSA: Windows Server 2012 accreditation, then you can get the new credential by passing only one test 70-743. It will upgrade your skills and you’ll be able to work in the Windows Server 2016 environment.

Microsoft 70-742 Exam Overview

As this article deals with the Microsoft 70-742 exam, that’s what you need to know about it. 70-742 or Identity with Windows Server 2016 is one of the three exams you are required to pass to earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. The exam will check how proficient you are in dealing with

Active Directory Domain Service, Directory Certificate Services as well as Group Policy. To pass it you also need skills to work with Federation and Access Solutions.

Microsoft doesn’t mention the definite details about the exam you are going to take, but they usually consist of 40-60 questions to be answered within 120 minutes. The type of questions can range from MCQs and drag and drops to short answer questions and case studies. Particularly this exam has been made more accessible worldwide by the fact that it is available in several languages like English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil).

To pass any test, especially from Microsoft you have to prepare for it. Microsoft’s official site offers several preparation options for 70-742 exam like Instructor-led training, online training, a practice test, and the Exam Ref 70-742 Identity with Windows Server 2016 book. Apart from them you can also watch videos tutorials done by professional and experienced people in the field and make use of exam dumps from reliable sources.

What Are Exam Dumps?

Students use various methods to prepare for their exams like referring books, watching videos, visiting special forums. Those methods are better suited for studying the syllabus. But in order to ace an exam you have to practice. A training method that is now being frequented by many students is exam dumps. What are they? Exam dumps are files that contain practice exam questions. There’s a very high chance that you might get the exact or similar questions at your actual exams. You might be a little skeptical about using them because some have used the fake scamming sites with outdated material. Among the many unreliable platforms, you can also find reliable sites like Exam-Labs. The exam dumps offered on this website not only contain the most actual and valid exam questions but also provide you with verified answers. To help prepare for the Microsoft 70-742 exam you can use the freely available files or you can purchase their Premium Bundle ($24,99) that contains a Premium File with 259 Questions & Answers, a Training Course with 76 Lectures, and a Study Guide of 1639 Pages.

How Can Exam Dumps Help You Ace Your Microsoft 70-742 Test?

So how can Exam-Labs exam dumps actually help you? The most valuable purpose of an exam dump is training. You can practice answering questions and the more you train the better result you get. You will also get used to their structure which will make it easier to grasp the question at the exam and save your time. By practicing those questions again and again you will gain skills to tackle different types of questions. The thing is that Exam-Labs files are opened on the ETE Software which simulates the real exam environment. Using it also helps you spot your weak points thus giving you the opportunity to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and avoid making the same mistakes again. Utilizing exam dumps, you’ll learn and understand exam concepts, and gain essential knowledge. In addition, by practicing exam dumps, you can track your results and improve them. So basically, these resources can help you with all of that, which will definitely result in an aced exam.


Microsoft exams are very popular nowadays because of their high standards and worldwide acceptance. If you want to boost your IT career earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is the way to go. But to earn it you are required to pass certain tests. You can’t simply pass an exam by learning the syllabus; you need to prepare for it. And one of the best and highly recommended ways to succeed in IT certification exams is by using exam dumps. If you work hard and dedicate a sufficient amount of time for preparation using exam dumps you too can ace the Microsoft 70-742 exam and become MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certified.

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