Dinner and Dancing with the Maasai Tribe in Osupuko Lodge, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

jungle maasai tribe tanzania

My Night in the Jungle with the Maasai Tribe.

My African safari experience took me to three of the best national parks in Tanzania, including staying overnight in the totally ace Osupuko Lodge in Tarangire National Park. Our tour was expertly organised by Shadows of Africa – the best safari company on the continent and after a day of game driving in Tarangire National Park, we met a Maasai Tribe at our base for the night.

osupuko lodge tarangire

The entrance to Osupuko Lodge in the Tarangire, Tanzania.

The Maasai tribe members come over and greet us on arrival at Osupuko Lodge. For a jungle based lodge, this is an exquisite one. It has been set up by local entrepreneur Henry who saw a gap in the market for luxury lodges in the area at affordable prices with local culture thrown into the mix. For a safari lodge in Africa, it’s exactly what you wanted.

osupuko lodge fancy

Our room in Osupuko Lodge – not exactly slumming it in the jungle! Immense!

We check into our awesome room, I’m rooming with Raymond from Man on the Lam. There are even hot showers and a mosquito net here, plus a socket to charge my camera. From our lodge room we can see elephants in the distance on the edge of Tarangire National Park. After showering and relaxing, there is no time for a break as we are told to meet at 7.30 pm by the pool for a Maasai welcome.

elephants in tarangire

View from our balcony…”elephants come down to the waterhole at dusk, they feel the same as us about life…”

It’s more than just a welcome. It’s a performance. The famous Maasai tribe are based in parts of Kenya and Tanzania and they pride themselves in their expert dancing and singing performance.

maasai dance jonny blair

Ready for the Maasai dance.

My travel buddy Annette White (who writes the blog Bucket List Journey) is the first non-Maasai member up to join the tribe in the dancing. Then a few other travellers join in and soon I’m in the mix as well.

maasai tribe osupuko

The entire group at Osupuko for the Maasai tribe dancing.

I get draped with a gown and get given a stick. The guys in the Maasai tribe all have these. The guys stay on the right and the girls stay on the left. The girls don’t have a stick, instead an elaborate necklace.

jonny blair maasai tribe dances

Me attempting to copy the Maasai Tribe’s dances.

Annette joins in the fun, dancing away with the Maasai ladies. When unsure what to do, just imitate those in the know. And that’s what we do. I jump up like the Maasai lads, I bounce my head, sway and stagger and try to understand the singing.

tarangire jungle jonny blair

Enjoying my moment in the spotlight in the jungles of Tarangire.

It’s a pretty cool performance by the lads and lasses, and it’s genuine. While you might feel this type of thing is put on for tourists, I assure you it’s not – the Maasai really do these dances and welcomes to their guests. It has been their way of life for generations.

maasai tribe dance tanzania

Marching off with the Maasai Tribe after the performance.

The entire performance lasts about half an hour. After which we walk with the Maasai tribe in a march style ritual before dispersing into the night and being left to our own devices. We have been cordially invited to dinner, and a message awaits us.

osupuko dinner tarangire tanzania

Our welcome note at dinner time in Osupuko Lodge, Tarangire, Tanzania.

It’s Friday the 2nd August 2013 and we are given a piece of paper which reads “Three beautiful and Joival friends on Safari”, referring to Annette, Raymond and myself. I’m listed as the “Simba dume Mr. Jonny”, one of lioness Annette White’s Irish and Canadian friends, the other is Raymond of course who hails from Newfoundland.

tarangire osupuko lodge

The Bar in the Tarangire! This is a luxury lodge in the middle of a jungle!

A feast lies in store though for once I eat the soup only and choose a cup of tea as my stomach has been playing up. Raymond, Annette and our driver Timo have the proper meal, a mean course of grilled pork. Sun has set long ago and the sounds in the distance are of animals. We’re out in the wild here as we head for an early night. The next morning will be another early start as we are headed for the amazing Serengeti National Park. This was one hell of a journey.

sunset osupuko tranagire

Look carefully and you’ll see the sunset at Osupuko Lodge…

Here are my videos from the Maasai Tribe dance and the Osupuko Lodge:

7 thoughts on “Dinner and Dancing with the Maasai Tribe in Osupuko Lodge, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

  • The pictures are simply stunning and amazingly well shot.I just cant stop my self to halt here and leave this comment. Very Well done and Great job.

  • My husband is from Central Africa, and the transformation the culture has had on my life is nothing short of amazing. My African family bring happiness, generosity, and values to a whole other level. They have such enthusiasm for life and music, dance, and community are such a vital part of it. How fun for you to experience Africa at a tribal level! Jealous!!! 😀

  • Hi Ash, thanks for your comment and a cool site you have there. Amazing your husband is from Central Africa – I’d loved to visit there someday. So far I have only been to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Tunisia, ALgeria and 3 countries in the south. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Oh, is that all Jonny? It sounds like you’re doing okay. 😉
    I would highly recommend checking out Central with all the rainforests and abundance of fruits they have there. We never see THAT part of Africa on TV. 😉

    I’m aiming to check out West next. Their drumming and dancing is so energetic and amazing. I’d love to be able to get in on a drum circle!

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog. It always makes a blogger smile. 🙂

    Have fun!!!

  • Looks like you had a lot of fun with the dancing! – So cool that they do that to welcome guests. I did actually think it was more for tourism purposes – I guess I was wrong! How awesome you got to enjoy this experience in wonderful accommodation too! – Amazing views from the balcony! What an experience ???? Thanks for sharing!

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