By: Hipmunk Staff

Avid Hipmunk mobile users may have noticed a slight aesthetic difference in our iOS app lately. Yup, our app underwent a makeover and came out looking like an upgraded version of itself, with a sleek design and one newly added feature.

Introducing, Discover.

More than five years into taking the agony out of travel planning, Hipmunk is now taking the agony out of travel inspiration with our first major iOS redesign since it launched in 2011.

Hipmunk’s new Discover feature allows travelers to search by destination theme and view the lowest airfare prices over the next six months.

“For the past five years we’ve focused on our unique visual display, extensive flight and lodging offerings, and simplified booking process,” said Adam Goldstein, co-founder and CEO of Hipmunk. “The launch of Discover is our first official step into the realm of travel inspiration and exploration.”

Discover helps travelers solves two popular challenges that occur when they start thinking about a vacation: First, identifying a specific destination when they already have a certain type of trip in mind, and second, finding dates with the best airfare prices over a large timespan.

Search By Destination Theme

When individuals are ready to travel, they often have an idea of what they want to do. Some know they’re looking for a tropical beach getaway, while others know they want to go skiing. With Discover, travelers simply click on the theme that represents the type of trip they want to take and they’re taken to a results screen showing destinations that fit that theme, organized by cost from their home airport. Once a destination is selected, they can filter results by preferred travel dates. Searchable destination themes include beach, ski, romantic, adventure, city, family, and culture.

Find the Lowest Fares with FareFinder

When travelers have flexible travel dates and know where they want to go, they can input their destination and receive results in Hipmunk’s new FareFinder calendar, which shows flight prices by day over the next six months. Travelers who search by destination theme will also see airfare price results in the FareFinder calendar format once they select their destination. In the near future, Hipmunk iOS app users will be able to pin their favorite destinations and sign up to get fare alerts on their bucket list favorites.

Travelers who aren’t in an exploratory mindset can search like they always have on the Hipmunk iOS app by clicking the flight or hotel buttons on the bottom of the screen or with a single press using Quick Actions shortcuts on iPhone 6s devices.. Those looking for last-minute getaways can also browse Hipmunk’s weekend flight deals as usual.

To see Discover in action, watch Hipmunk’s tutorial video above. To use Discover to book your next trip, download the Hipmunk Flight and Hotel App for free from the App Store. And to learn more about Hipmunk, visit