Filmora: A Cool Video Editor for Bloggers!

Filmora: A Cool Video Editor for Bloggers!

Filmora: A Cool Video Editor for Bloggers!

Down the years of backpacking, you might have noticed that I have uploaded around 20,000 real life travel videos from my journey. I spontaneously make this videos almost daily, just to capture the real life of a genuine long term backpacker. You can view ALL my videos here:

Jonny Blair – Don’t Stop Living on YouTube

Video blogging in London

Video blogging in London

Despite being a professional writer and an experienced writer, I am not a great photographer or video blogger. But sometimes I look back at my photos and memories and think – one day I will learn how to do something cool with them! I tried iMovie and failed, I got a friend of mine to make a travel video of my 100 country adventure and it never got finished as I couldn’t edit videos. Thankfully, now I can and I can give it a go because of Filmora!! Filmora is actually very easy to use for beginners/vloggers.

A few advantages of using Filmora:

1.Fashion effects
If you go to the effects store on the Filmora website, you can check out some cool fashion effects. New effects are added every month.

Filmora Effects

Filmora Effects

2.Easy to use for novices
For a simpleton and novice like myself in video editing, Filmora is easy to use. This is what I was looking for.

3.Advanced Editing
For those who are a bit more tech savvy and into their videos, you can do some advanced editing like PIP, GreenScreen, etc. These can be done by just 1 or 2 clicks.

4.New Interface
There is a completely redone user interface that is gorgeous, has support for .gif files and lots of audio features including an audio mixer, background noise reduction, pitch and more.

5. Support for .gif files
A frequent request for video editors is to have support for .gif files. You can now import, edit and share .gif files using Filmora. So you can go nuts on Tumbler and Imgur!

6. Updated Audio Features
The biggest feature update in Filmora 7.5 is more advanced audio controls. An Audio Mixer that can tune each track on the timeline individually, the ability to remove background noise, adjust pitch and an equalizer for more advanced users.

Filmora 7.5 is a free update available to all users today!

You can check their official site and YouTube channel to know more:

I look forward to launching a video about my travels sometime, hopefully to go alongside the long awaited and forever delayed and never ever released book, “Backpacking Centurion”.

2 thoughts on “Filmora: A Cool Video Editor for Bloggers!

  • Hi Jonny,

    If you download the free version, is there any limitation of the number of videos you can create or upload?

  • Hi Paul, I’m new to this app too, so I am not sure and videos were never my strong point. I guess we will find out soon though, or perhaps the information is on their website. If I find out, I will let you know! Safe travels. Jonny

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