First Time Cruising – Three Great Options To Try

Cruising can be an excellent option, if you want the best of both worlds; an excellent place to stay and the chance to see different locations, along the way. If you are thinking of trying out cruising, as a change to your normal vacation, there are some cruises which are a good choice, as a first experience.

First Time Cruising – Three Great Options To Try

You probably want to choose a cruise where there is plenty to do onboard, and where you are not travelling on open water for days on end. You also want to make sure that the cruise you decide on is suitable for everyone who is going on the trip. Here are some suggestions of locations you may want to try.

River cruising on the Mississippi

River cruising on the Mississippi

Photo used courtesy of American Queen Steamboat Company.
If you are not keen on the idea of taking to the oceans, for your first experience of a cruise, you may want to think about trying Mississippi river cruises instead. This area of the US is its heartland, and you can feel the history around you. You can check out the places which Mark Twain wrote about, and admire the wildlife, such as the majestic bald eagle. And, whether you love jazz or not, you cannot fail to be carried away on the wave of excitement you feel, when you first set foot in New Orleans.

Cruising the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a popular destination with both people who are new to cruising, and those who have been taking to the water for years. There are so many amazing destinations in the area, including Jamaica, Dominica and Aruba. It generally works out cheaper to take a cruise, than to fly between several different islands. When you reach each destination, you can relax and enjoy spending time in the crystal clue water, or strolling along soft sandy beaches. The best time to travel to this part of the world is between December and April, when you are likely to encounter the best weather.

First Time Cruising – Three Great Options To Try

Disney on the ocean

Cruising with Disney is an excellent option, if you are taking children on a cruise for the first time. The cruise line offers plenty for kids, and for big kids too. There is something magical about the world of Disney which appeals to everyone. You can opt for the full experience by taking in the fun of the Florida Disney Parks, before embarking on a fun-filled cruise. For families going on a cruise for the first time, this may be the best choice, to keep everyone entertained.

Cruising is not just one type of holiday, because there are so many different destinations available. Hopefully, we have provided you with some inspiration. Remember, when you first start to spend time going on cruises, you should choose a trip that guarantees you plenty of time ashore. This means that you can get used to spending time on board ship, before you take a cruise which involves spending a couple of days or more at sea,

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