Friday’s Featured Food: Buffet Lunch at Mizra Kibbutz, Israel

mizra kibbutz lunch

Selection of food at Mizra Kibbutz in Israel.

I really can’t wait until I write properly about my time spent on an Israeli Kibbutz. It was such a cool, off the wall experience totally against what I expected and yet another travel memory that will last forever. I was staying with Caroline in Mizra Kibbutz, as we were attending my friend Haya’s wedding nearby in Afula. The opportunity came up to spend a few nights on the Kibbutz so we did. More on that experience to come on Don’t Stop Living, in the meantime, here’s a report on visiting the communal dining room in the Kibbutz for lunch.

afula mizra kibbutz

We stayed at Mizra Kibbutz near Afula in Israel.

What is a Kibbutz?

First things first for those not in the know, but the kibbutz is a community of families all living together in a custom made village. All kibbutzes are in Israel and all are aided by the Israeli government in their attempt to keep families together in a harmonic surrounding. We stayed at Mizra Kibbutz, which is between Afula and Nazareth. (We also went sightseeing in Nazareth).

mizra kibbutz in israel

Enjoying life in Mizra Kibbutz in Israel.

What is a communal dining hall?

It is a massive room where everyone in the kibbutz, and their visitors can visit to eat. The communcal dining hall is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner at specified times. This varies from kibbutz to kibbutz of course. At Mizra kibbutz, we headed there for lunch. It was around half twelve.

mizra kibbutz israel

The communal dining hall at Mizra Kibbutz, Israel.

Who cooks the food?

Mizra kibbutz has a massive kitchen. There are loads of chefs, cooks, assistants, cleaners and cashiers. All local people working there to keep things running smoothly. The chefs cook a range of fresh food to suit all tastes.

mizra kibbutz buffet

The checkout at the canteen at Mizra Kibbutz.

What food was available for us in Mizra Kibbutz?

To be honest it was more a case of what food wasn’t available! At lunch time there was rice, pasta, noodles, burgers, chips, salads, fruit, vegetables, curries, stronganoffs. The range was quite simply spectacular. I kind of went for a pick and mix option, which included vegetables, salad and a beef burger.

lunch in mizra kibbutz

My buffet meal at Mizra Kibbutz in Israel

What price is the food at Mizra Kibbutz?

We were lucky that we went along with our host Caroline, as she got us discount. The total cost for our two massive meals was 31 Shekels. This was with discount. Admittedly this might still sound above our normal backpacking budgets, but Israel isn’t cheap and it was a lot of food. And good food. So that’s 15 Shekels each for a good feed. We decided just to drink water with it to save money, but soft and hot drinks are also available.

mizra kibbutz buffet lunch

Picking my food for lunch in Mizra Kibbutz.

It was all munched down and finished in the blink of an eye, as were our two nights staying in Mizra. We toured the kibbutz during our time there and I look forward to writing about it too. In the meantime, if you get offered to stay on an Israeli Kibbutz, take it.

mizra kibbutz israel food

Friday’s Featured Food: Ready for a buffet lunch in the Mizra Kibbutz near Afula, Israel.

If you get offered lunch on an Israeli Kibbutz, take it – you’ll love it. A useful company when backpacking in Israel is Tourist Israel – I recommend them – they’ll sort you out with authentic local experiences including kibbutzes. A stunning country with awesome cuisines.

communal kibbutz mizra israel

Don’t forget you’re in a Kibbutz – it’s all communal – leave your plates up and tidy up!

A video of my lunch in an Israeli Kibbutz will follow (I’m currently backpacking in Iran):

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