Friday’s Featured Food: Indonesian Buffet Lunch in Yogyakarta

Indonesian buffet food Yogyakarta

Friday’s Featured Food today comes from Yogyakarta in Indonesia, washed down with an ice cold Bintang beer!

Today’s Friday’s Featured Food comes from Indonesia. A country I have been to only once so far, and I visited Java and Bali when I was there. I preferred Java, especially the central Java region which houses both Prambanan and Borobudur. On an essential day long tour of the Yogyakarta region, we took time out in the heat to sample an Indonesian Buffet, a rather more posh and elegant one rather than your normal backpacker corner market experience. The quality certainly showed as my travel buddy Rodrigo and I burst open the Bintang beers and chilled out over lunch!

Indonesian buffet lunch in Yogyakarta

The restaurant inside The Kraton in Yogyakarta

The restaurant was inside the walls called The Kraton, in Yogyakarta. It was an all you can eat buffet. In the heat and having not eating since 7am, we got tore into it. It was a mighty fine selection, including the following, more pictures than words today, as this buffet had so much variation I got snap happy:

Asian tea drenched eggs and chicken and vegetables

Asian tea drenched eggs and chicken and vegetables

Beef casserole and beansprouts

Beef casserole and beansprouts in Indonesia

Indonesian Yellow Rice in Yogyakarta

Indonesian Yellow Rice

Indonesian Steamed Rice and Fried Rice in Yogyakarta

Indonesian Steamed Rice and Fried Rice

Friday's Featured Food in Indonesia

Fried Calamary and Chicken Satay

Indonesian buffet in Yogya

A range of sauces and spices to go with it all

Bintang Beer to wash it all down with - Indonesia's finest!

Bintang Beer to wash it all down with – Indonesia’s finest!

The price of this buffet was included in our tour cost for the day so I can’t remember the exact cost, I’d estimate around $6 US Dollars with the beer as an extra. I was there in January 2012. During the meal we were also treated to Indonesian style dancing and music.

Dancing in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Friday’s Featured Food in Yogyakarta Indonesia also included live dancing!

Local Indonesian music in Yogyakarta

Friday’s Featured Food in Yogyakarta Indonesia also included live local music!

As we ate and drank to our heart’s content, Rodrigo and I planned a few of our upcoming adventures, next up would be sightseeing in Jakarta as well as a visit to the Stadium Nightclub there before we were flying to Bali.

buffet food indonesia

Enjoying the company of my hosts for this Friday’s Featured Food in Indonesia

The guys that served us were very welcoming and friendly and our fellow restaurant customers were mostly foreigners.

Rodrigo and Jonny in Indonesia

Rodrigo and I devouring our Indonesian Feast in Yogyakarta

That means that this was a touristy style Indonesian buffet, rather than a completely local experience, which we got down to later on. If you do a full day tour of Yogyakarta, you might be taken to this place and I really recommend it. I’m not a food fiend on my travels but I loved this food!!

By the way don’t miss my overviews on my visits to Prambanan and Borobudur on the very same day!

A Video from my Indonesian all you can eat buffet!

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