Friday’s Featured Food: Taiwan Style Pork Sandwich

Taiwanese style pork sandwich

Friday’s Featured Food – Taiwan Style Pork Sandwich

Today’s Friday’s Featured Food comes with a hint of sadness. It’s also another example  of life going full circle on me, again. Today was the last day I will have lunch in my favourite local sandwich shop in Tsuen Wan in Hong Kong. This Taiwanese style sandwich shop has been my lunchtime haunt since I started working in Tsuen Wan in September 2011. I’m a regular customer – they know me well. A cup of hot tea with lemon and a “jom mboy sam ahn see, oom goi” (Taiwan Style Pork Sandwich, please). That’s my regular order, though I do mix it up and change it sometimes!

Taiwan style sandwich in Tsuen Wan

My favourite local lunchtime sandwich shop – Taiwan style in Tsuen Wan closes today 🙁

But price of rent and lack of sales have forced the amazing small corner shop to close. Today I bought my last Taiwanese style pork sandwich from them. What’s in it? And why is it so good?

Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung

I first tried Taiwan style sandwiches while backpacking in Taiwan in 2009 – here I’m pictured at Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung

There are a lot of reasons for this. Firstly I travelled round Taiwan in 2009 and I first tried a pork and egg roll (Taiwan style) in the city of Shinying.

Taiwan sandwich and hot lemon tea

My standard lunch for over a year – a Taiwan Pork Sandwich and a hot lemon tea. Bliss.

However having moved to Hong Kong in 2011, I had struggled to find decent bread or sandwiches anywhere. Quality, tasty sandwiches are the one thing that are hard to find in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, and particularly Asia is sh*t at making sandwiches. There are only a few exceptions, of which my favourite local is one. My favourite local doesn’t actually have a name in English. I just call it “The Sandwich Shop” (ironic as I once worked in a shop called that in Bournemouth!).

sandwich shop tsuen wan hong kong

Busy at work on the final day in my favourite sandwich shop in Tsuen Wan, HONG KONG

Over to the food…Inside the Taiwan Style Pork Sandwich:

– 4 slices of bread

– tomato

– lettuce

– seasoned pork chop (bone excluded!)

– ham

– egg

– salt

– pepper

club sandwich taiwan style hong kong

The contents of my last ever Taiwanese Sandwich in my favourite sandwich shop in Tsuen Wan

(The sandwich is heated – the pork, ham and egg placed on the grill and the bread is toasted. On occasion I ask for melted cheese with it too – even though Asia does cheese badly and it’s not part of the real ingredients)

– some awesome sauce which ultimately gives it the flavour!

tsuen wan shop owner

With my lunchtime sandwich maker (for over a year) the day the shop closed 🙁

Worth trying, especially in Taiwan!! The owners of my local sandwich shop are hoping to re-open at a new venue on Hong Kong Island in February so I hope to try the Taiwan sandwich again soon.

friday's featured food a lifestyle of travel

Friday’s Featured Food – Taiwan Style Pork Sandwich – enjoying my last one in this sandwich shop in Tsuen Wan, HONG KONG

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Featured Food: Taiwan Style Pork Sandwich

  • Your Pork sandwich was really very tasty and the cheese melted perfectly! I totally loved it.

  • Hi Lucas, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delayed response. I have been suffering from long term depression caused by liars. I am glad you enjoyed my post on Taiwan style pork sandwich. Stay safe. Jonny

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