Friday’s Featured Food: Walnut Bites in Shangri La, Yunnan Province, China

walnut cakes shangri la china

Friday’s Featured Food: Walnut Bites in Shangri La, Yunnan Province, China.

It seems a lifetime ago since I was backpacking in Shangri La, yet it was just over 6 months ago now when life to me to this amazing part of China. “Amazing” is an over used word, but I loved Shangri La, here are my 3 previous posts on it:

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walnut shangri la china yunnan

Loving my walnut bites in Shangri La, China.

So today on Friday’s Featured Food it’s time for some night time sweet snacks, basically I’m calling them “walnut bites” (they call themselves walnut cakes, but I reckon they’re too small to be called that). The Chinese probably have a proper name for them you know…

walnut bites in shangri la

Outside the shop in Shangri La with my walnut bites!

What are Walnut Bites?

They are sweet balls with walnut and cake with whole wheat in them. They are dry but tasty and addictive. After making them, they microwave them. They cost 10 RMB for a pack of 6 while walking round Shangri La. They’re not a meal, but they’ll do for a snack!

walnut bites cakes shangri la

The walnut cakes are made as you stand and watch in Shangri La.

Where can you get Walnut Bites?

On one of the main streets (Belmen Street) in Shangri La Old Town as you walk towards the main square, keep your eyes open for a shop on the left hand side selling them. It’s the one pictured in my photos. Our hostel, Barley Hostel was also on this street.

walnut cakes in shangri la

The packet for the walnut bites/walnut cakes in Shangri La, China.

Anything else of note about these Walnut Bites?

Yes, they make the walnut bites as you stand and watch which is cool!

Here is my video of trying the walnut bites in Shangri La:

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