Guess the City Quiz from Teletext Holidays

Looking back on when I first started travelling, there was no Facebook, I didn’t have an email address or a laptop and I had just bought a mobile phone. That was the mid- late 1990s when it was harder to travel than it is now. Back in those days though, instead of the internet I used to love Teletext!

Guess the city quiz on Teletext Holidays

Guess the city quiz on Teletext Holidays

I used to watch the football scores and keep up to date with the news via Teletext, and I also booked a few holidays on Teletext. Good offers used to come up for cheap holidays on Teletext and indeed that’s where I booked my Majorca trip on long before I got into hardcore backpacking and using Facebook!

Football scores on Teletext

Football scores on Teletext

I’m pretty pleased to hear that Teletext is alive and well and embracing the internet of course with its website on Teletext Holidays, offering some quirky tips, weather information and of course cheap deals. They have a cool blog too to check out – Teletext Holiday Tips Blog.

Teletext Holidays Website

Teletext Holidays Website

This week they have a cool new quiz on their site called Guess The City! I had a go myself and only got 9/12 I have to admit. However there were a lot of touristic places on their list so here’s my own “Guess the City” for you. Just a top 5 😉 See if you can guess them?!


jameh mosque shahr e kord2.








So have a go and safe travels!


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