Hi-tech Travel Equipment for the Modern Digital Nomad

Digital nomadery has really grown and grown in the last few years with so many more wannabe entrepreneurs jumping on the bandwagon. It’s the whole magic of it all – living where you want, seeing the world, being your own boss and working hard to earn nmoney as you move. I’ve done it myself. I’ve had so many highs and lows, and as an honest and pure bloggers, I shared some of my stories from being a digital nomad and online professional travel blogger, here are a few…

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Living in a laptop world

But here is some really Hi-Tech equipment to take on your travels to always keep on top of the game as a digital nomad.

Having travelled in places like North Korea, Iran and China, a VPN is essential for a digital nomad. You can pretend your computer is based elsewhere and you can get online. Imagine watching YouTube in China where it is banned or whacking on a Madonna half nude dance video in Iran?! Classic travel ideas and a really essential thing to have if you are backpacking with a laptop as a digital nomad.

sundays inspiration

Get Yourself a VPN

I’ve been to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and of course I have done many hikes up mountains including in Guatemala, China and the famous Mount Kinabalu Hike. What comes in really handy is a manometer for RS components. Manometers are compact, portable, digital measurement instruments with the main purposes being to measure the air pressure, gas pressure or fluid pressure. They are small, compact, handheld and battery operated. They usually also have easily visible digital screens for easy of reading and checking.


3.Multi-purpose Adapters
In my early days of backpacking, I used to carry too many adapters! You simply don’t need them. You can buy just one universal adapter that fits all and so this is what I now carry. Of course I recommend it but there is also the option to buy and bring two of these so you can simultaneously charge two things at the same time.

Travel Adapters

4.A Torch
Simple and easy but often neglected! As a digital nomad, you don’t always stay in cities with streetlights. I love going on an adventure into the jungle, forest or mountains. Yes, I can still take my laptop in sometimes to get some work done in my tent. But at night – there is something very important – to have some light. Just by bringing a simple torch you can really save so much hassle!

You must travel with a torch says Jonny Blair of Don't Stop Living

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Torch!

5.Portable Hard Drive
On my recent trips, I still found it hard to believe that some people rely so much on their phones and laptops for memory storage. Cloud synching fails, phones get lost and laptops break so have a spare hard drive handy. Each night, simply put all your photos, videos and documents onto this portable hard drive and they are stored forever. You can of course sync them to a cloud as well, but make sure you have your files backed up. For myself, this is a business so it is make or break!

Portable hard drives

Finally good luck in your digital nomad quest!

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