How To Get A Mongolia Visa in Warsaw, Poland

How To Get A Mongolia Visa in Warsaw, Poland

After such depression in 2016 caused by the brace of serial unfriendlies plus the wannabe GuruGod stalker, I quit travel completely. For the second time in my adult life I didn’t visit any new countries for a 7 month period, nor did I have any desire for anything other than honest friends and survival. But I still had my possessions in a flat in Hong Kong…
Baatpacking in Mongolia: Exploring the Red Hero, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Baatpacking in Mongolia: Exploring the Red Hero, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

So in April 2017 I decided to head back to the Kong to collect my final possessions from there and relocate to Poland. On the way back I decided to visit another new country, I chose Mongolia, as most of Asia I had already backpacked. I have been used to visa sites such as and of course the Sri Lanka and Ivory Coast online visas, but Mongolia meant an embassy visit in a foreign country. I headed with my documents to the Mongolian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.

Backpacking Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia in 2017

As I now write on my more local site while based in Poland, I decided to share this article on here on Don’t Stop Living. Don’t Stop Living was always my main love and outlet before the unfriendlies I met and maybe one day they will admit and apologise for their shame. So if you ever find yourself in Warsaw Poland and need a Mongolian visa, I have first hand experience of how to do it. I also sourced visas for Saudi Arabia (my recent whackpacking adventure), Kaliningrad and the Ivory Coast while based in Poland.

Backpacking Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia in 2017

So the full and detailed article is here on this link – Get a Mongolia Visa Poland. To read more on my Mongolia adventure, you can also check out my top sights when baatpacking in Ulan Baatar, nights on the rip in the capital and my birthday stay at the Kaiser Hotel.

Mongolian Visa in Warsaw Poland

As I try to get this website back in order and my life back on track, it has been a highly tough struggle just to stay alive. When faced with death when we wake each morning, the only thing we can do is to live. I am typing this up while going through yet another visa application, this time in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It’s a stunnigator of a city to whackpack and a cool one for this business trip. In days to come, we will hopefully hear from someone and how she became ashamed of her actions towards a once happy and mentally fit Northern Irish tourist, writer, blogger, teacher, football geek and overall whackpacker.
“Oh oh oh life goes on” – The Beatles.

Backpacking and Businessing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2018

2 thoughts on “How To Get A Mongolia Visa in Warsaw, Poland

  • Hey Jonny, thanks for your informative post. One of my friends invited me to visit Mongolia. I want to visit late May. What is your advice to us as you have visited there?

  • Hi John, thanks for the comment. I only visited Ulan Baatar when I was in Mongolia as I was piushed for time and rying to leave Asia behind. The other issue was I had lots of luggage as I was transporting my stuff from Hong Kong to Poland on that trip, but have a great time! Safe travels. Jonny

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