How to Prepare Your Car for a Drive-In

Although the popularity of drive-ins has waned since the 80s, they’re still the perfect way to spend a Friday night. Plus, drive-in theatres allow you to social distance and stay comfy within your own bubble. However, you need to prepare your car to ensure you enjoy your experience.

tasmania car 2010

Out in Tasmania in 2010 with my old Toyota Hilux.

How to Get Your Car Drive-in Movie Ready

Buying Australian car insurance can help ensure you stay financially secure and protected in the event of an accident, so you’ll have more money to spend on the following drive-in necessities. 

Check Your Car Battery

Dead batteries are standard at drive-in movie theaters because you need to keep your car on to use the radio. Although all drive-ins will have jumper cables just in case, you should try to avoid this situation entirely by making sure your battery is fully charged before you get to the theater. 

How long your battery lasts depends on its age. Older batteries will last the length of a 2-hour movie, while newer ones can last for 8-hours. Keep a toolkit on you to stay on the safe side.

Buy a Portable Radio

Since you need to use your radio for the length of the movie, your car has to remain on. Contrary to popular belief, putting your vehicle in park doesn’t decrease the amount of fuel wasted. You can save a killing on gas and potential maintenance fees by purchasing a portable radio instead.

At the same time, you won’t need to turn on your car, ensuring your battery stays operational.

Bring Cleaning Supplies

You’ll want to bring cleaning supplies for two reasons: spilled drinks and a spotty windshield. We recommend cleaning your windshield before leaving for the movie to save you time, but if you’re traveling to the country, you’ll probably dirty up your car along the way. In the end, it’s up to you!

Don’t forget to bring antibacterial wipes for messes. If your children or friends split their drinks, popcorn, or nachos, you’re going to need an easy-to-use cleaning product to avoid stains.

Maximize Interior Space

Station Wagons and Trucks are the perfect drive-in vehicle. They provide ample trunk space, storage compartments, and even a large truck bed, which is ideal for drink coolers and a mattress. Vans are suitable for lying in the backseat or if you want to stay inside for the movie.

Make sure to bring lots of bug spray if you plan on sitting outdoors for the movie. In the country, mosquitoes are pretty aggressive and could ruin your experience if you aren’t prepared.

Bring Snacks and Comfort

No one is going to stop you from bringing in snacks when you’re at a drive-in. You could bring a whole Thanksgiving feast, and no one will care! Similar to a traditional theatre, drive-ins will have a snack bar, but it’s much cheaper for you to bring your own food and drinks from home.

Creature comforts like pillows and blankets are necessary, especially if watching your movie on a cold night. If you bring blankets and a radio, you won’t need to turn on your car for heat.

Pack a Care-Package

Most drive-ins aren’t minutes away from home. You’ll likely be in a large field in the middle of nowhere, so it’s essential to pack a first-aid kit in case of an emergency. Make sure you have plenty of bandaids, hand sanitizer, and medications if you’re far away from a hospital.

Bring other essentials that may come in handy, like a flashlight, camp fan, and a battery pack.

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