How To Take Care Of Your Skin While Travelling

Just because you are travelling, it does not mean you have to neglect your skin such that it looks like that of a trail-beaten cowboy. Instead, you can have awesome skin even when you are miles away from home. Thankfully, good skin when travelling just requires you to dedicate some time and effort to maintaining it. You can get some awesome tips on how to stay fit and healthy in terms of your body, skin and mind. Sites and resources such as Nature’s Happiness (where you can learn about skin-boosting supplements), as well as the Calm app (which you can use to monitor your mood), are very useful for ensuring your skin stays in good shape so that you can maintain positive mental health.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin While Travelling

How To Take Care Of Your Skin While Travelling

Prepare Keenly For Your Skin Care Before Leaving Home

A smart traveler finds out what the climate will be like wherever he/she is going and as a result, she carries the right items for skin care. You may also need to prepare your skin for the climate that is waiting for you wherever you are going. That way, the skin will already be accustomed to the climate by the time you get there. If you will be going to a place that is hot and humid, you need to acclimatize your skin to such conditions even before you leave home. You also want to find out whether the local stores at your destination sell the right products for skin care. Find out whether you can find the products that you have been using at home. This also brings us to our next point as you will see below.

Pack The Right Products For Your Skin

Here, you have to be keen because of the airline regulations regarding such products. Just carry what will pass through airport checks without a problem and buy whatever you need at your destination. Because of the duress that you will subject your skin to when traveling, you should pack natural products only to avoid breakouts when you are away from home. Any skin care product that contains a harsh cleanser should be left behind. No chemicals!

Always Stay Hydrated

Honestly, there is no reason why you should not do a maximum of ten glasses, or even more, of water a day even when you are thousands of miles away. With water filter bottles, you can even drink water from the source, say, a river or a spring. Just filter it. When your body is well-hydrated, you enjoy better circulatory health. You also give the body a chance to get rid of toxins like free radicals, which damage the skin if left in the body too long. Also, you will sweat a lot when traveling to hot places, so you should always have some water with you.

Stay Protected All The Time

When you are on the beach in Mombasa in Africa, you may be tempted to just leave your hotel room like the locals without a care in the world and go receive some nice African sun. Black people have more protective melanin in their skin than white people and that is why they are not as susceptible to skin cancer as other races are. Thus, whether the day is cloudy, whether it is rainy, sunny or windy, do not leave your hotel room without wearing sunscreen or without applying a lotion that has sunscreen.

Do Not Transfer Germs From Your Hands To Your Skin

We all have this nasty habit of touching our face all the time. Now, when you have been in a bus, train, plane or ship, you will most definitely have come into contact with many types of bacteria. You should avoid transferring such to your face as much as possible. No matter how frequently you wash your hands, when traveling, there will always be some germs lurking around. Just avoid touching your face.

Eat Right All The Time

There are many fruits and berries local to all the places that you will visit. Well, even the hot African Sahara has its dates. When you are on the road, eat whatever fruit is locally available. Fruits are generally safer than other local foods because you have to peel them, so you know they are protected. Fruit packs a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are very good for your skin, metabolism and general health. You can also take drinkable vitamins that are completely natural. Especially for people who are extra careful about their looks, a quality skin health supplement can help and make the skin look younger and attractive.

Going Bare Helps A Lot

Perhaps you cannot do without your makeup, but when travelling, you should make this sacrifice because it is important. Go bare on the plane too, no need to attempt to look like Kim Kardashian anyway, as she would have a whole suite with beauty products all to herself on the plane. Makeup dries out the skin and a dry skin is very vulnerable to germs, breakouts and many more evils. Go without makeup.

4 thoughts on “How To Take Care Of Your Skin While Travelling

  • Was surprised to read this as a travel topic, but soon realised it’s a perfectly reasonable/legitimate discussion to have … so thanks! The messages most pertinent to me are: be aware of how often you touch your face and don’t do it, forget the make-up! Really good post Jonny.

  • Hi Christine, thanks for the comment. This is a travel lifestyle and personal blog so I have all sorts of articles on here even skin, cars, football, betting, depression and pets. Safe travels. Jonny

  • “Do not transfer germs from your hands to your skin”
    A lot of people forget this. It’s true that no matter how frequently you wash your hands, there are still germs left. I also wash my hands and carry my hand sanitizer all the time especially when I go traveling. But I know it isn’t enough. Thanks for this. A lot of people are not aware of this.

  • Hi Claire. Thanks for the comment. Apologies for the delay. I have been going through depression and only checking through my old comments and messages now. During the Coronavirus, this post and your comment are more important than ever. Stay safe. Jonny

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