It’s Over. The End of Don’t Stop Living.

There is nothing really more to say. I have a few personal articles almost finished that I will publish and that is it. It’s over. Don’t Stop Living began in 2007 as a passionate real life travel blog and I lived some kind of dream. But today it’s over. The story ends…friendship, loyalty, love. #dontstopliving

It’s Over. The End of Don’t Stop Living.

Don’t Stop Living was nine years old in August this year and 2017 would have been the 10 year anniversary. However, the blog is finished now. It’s over. My travel blog that I loved and cherished, it’s finished. You knew it was coming, the last 6 months have been a struggle for me in life. Most people around me know the reason why I had to end it. DEPRESSION. I am staying in Poland now, beating depression and trying to live my life with nice people around me that care about my travel stories.

Jonny Blair now lives and tries to enjoy life in Poland.

So thanks for following the last 9 years here, I will post properly about this before the year ends if I can, but maybe not. I won’t promise. But I need my private time now and maybe a new project if my suicidal thoughts ever vanish or the apology ever comes from those who truly hurt me and cause me such pain and depression.

I cannot keep going as I cannot fathom the reason why others betrayed me after I was so kind to them, so I have to quit. Those around me do not understand my depression or the reasoning why I am so suicidal and probably never will but I have only been honest – it was caused by betrayal and others. Because alone, with my travel diary and camera, I am always fine – I never cause my own depression. So I have to end it. The only way to finish this without an apology was to write about the situation, and end my travel story here. It’s done.

I travelled a long way and I know it. I was a strong person, confident, hard working, happy, enthusiastic when I arrived in Gdansk on 3rd July 2016. I met lots of nice people who helped me, showed me around, bus routes, cafes, visa options but not everybody was like that. I visited 136 countries, 845 towns or cities and 7 continents for real. But then it all went wrong. It’s time to go it private, if you are keen to continue to hear about my life, add me as a friend on Facebook. I will put the link below as I am not shy about that. Thank you and goodbye. #dontstopliving #theendiscoming #backpacking#northernirishman #itsover

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