Kayaking in San Pedro La Laguna, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

kayaks guatemala san pedro la laguna

Kayaking in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala.

I finally went kayaking in Guatemala recently. Having already had a few cool water experiences down my backpacking years such as zodiacing in Antarctica, bamboo rafting in China, tubing in Laos and white water rafting in Juquitiba and Bled in Slovenia it was time for the more peaceful relaxing one – kayaking. Gotta love it and the slow paced nature of Guatemala certainly has you on lazy mode – perfect for a Saturday afternoon of kayaking!

Ready for kayaking in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Ready for kayaking in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Booking the Kayaking in San Pedro La Laguna, Lago Atitlan
We were based in San Pedro La Laguna at the best hotel in town, Hotel Mikaso (truly magnificent – a paradise). You can book the kayaking from your hotel or hostel but really there is absolutely no need to do that. Simply wander down Calle 7a in San Pedro towards the lake and you’ll see dozens of tour companies.

Kayaking in San Pedro La Laguna should cost you 15 Quetzals.

Kayaking in San Pedro La Laguna should cost you 15 Quetzals.

Most of them offer kayaking. Standard average price is 15 Quetzals per kayak per hour. Pay no more, and if you can get it for less – even better! Panny and I decided to hire a kayak each.

kayaking lago atitlan

Panny and I in our kayaks ready to sail on Lago Atitlan.

What is kayaking on Lago Atitlan like?
Completely relaxing, charming and well worth it. We got a hot clear sunny day for it which meant gorgeous blue sky and beautiful background and calm lake.

Kayaking on Lago Atitlan.

Kayaking on Lago Atitlan.

The rowing is easy and not strenuous at all. In fact the only real hazard is the fact that ex pats and rich locals speed past you in their speedboats and cause the odd splash and waves.

lago atitlan kayak

Enjoying the kayak experience in Lago Atitlan.

The only real tips I have are:
– wear sun cream
– take your camera but look after it (keep it in a waterproof or plastic bag)
– take it easy and relax
– wear your lifejacket
– keep an eye on the time so you don’t go into the second hour. We got our timing almost perfect on 60minutes.

lanscape lago atitlan

The gorgeous views of Lago Atitlan in behind!

All in all it’s a totally relaxing and pleasurable way to spend an hour or two while touring the Lago Atitlan region.

Here are my videos from Kayaking on Lago Atitlan:

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