Backpacking in New Zealand: L & P (Lemon and Paeroa)

Backpacking in New Zealand: L & P (Lemon and Paeroa)

Time for another post from one of my two trips to New Zealand. This time, a stop over in the town of Paeroa. Home of the world famous Kiwi drink, L and P. Or Lemon and Paeroa. Brown and yellow in colour the marketing for this drink, lush in taste.

When in the north island in 2010, on a hot day, Steve, Flavia and I stopped off in the town of Paeroa for the touristy type photos. Even though they both live there, they also hadn’t stopped by.

Driving through the town of Paeroa. Even the town’s lamposts are proud to advertise the brand.

The big bottle outside the factory and tourist visitor centre. Undoubtedly this drink has put the town on the map.

Hugging the big bottle.

It was just over 100 years old, having been an established drink since 1907.

The big L and P bottle.

And the L and P cafe. If you haven’t tried this drink, then it’s worth it. One of life’s better energy/fizzy drinks. It’s basically sugary lemon juice mixed with carbonated mineral water. And the taste is great!

Where – Paeroa, North Island, New Zealand

Who Went – Jonny Blair, Flavia Prado, Steve Jones

Some facts:

A wee video of an advert:

Key Song:



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2 thoughts on “Backpacking in New Zealand: L & P (Lemon and Paeroa)

  • Wow Jonny! You toured some really remote towns and wrote about them. Paeroa in New Zealand? Never heard of it!! And even more cool – your friend from there (Flavia and Steve) seem cool. As always, safe travels and best wishes, Karolina

  • Hi Karolina, thanks for the comment. As I have mentioned and tried to explain many times (to no avail), all I expected was that you were the same type of honest tourist and travel friend as the other 2 thousand people I met in 150 countries over 14 years. NONE of my other friends lied to me. They met me, they showed me sights, told me bus routes, the most unusual towns are better (Kokoszkowy, Mizra, Isfiya, Shahr e Kord etc.). You were the first person to disrespect my journey, my writing and lie to me to make a fool out of me, and you have made me suicidal daily for 10 months now. I still pray for you and wish you all the best but please try and understand what you have done wrong here. Best wishes. Jonny

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