Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Part 9 – Work At Christmas

Monday's Money Saving Tips - Christmas Edition - put a Santa hat on and work over Christmas in a bar!

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – Christmas Edition – put a Santa hat on and work over Christmas in a bar!

This week my daily features will have a Christmas appeal to them. Today is Christmas Eve and to save money at Christmas let’s stick to the basics – WORK at Christmas! There are endless reasons why you should work over Christmas – I have earned bucket loads over the years by working over Christmas. I’m not being the Christmas Grinch here, nor the spoilsport, nor the “Bah, humbug” type. I love Christmas but since I’m a true budget backpacker and I build my lifestyle around travel, I’m here to give a different insight into Christmas…if I can work it I can, and as a travel blogger even if I’m travelling at Christmas, in essence I’m ‘working’…

5 Reasons Why You Should Work At Christmas:

1. Extra Money
Many companies pay you more money over Christmas as lots of people don’t want to work. You don’t want to be the person who ever turns down work. You want to offer yourself to work as many and whatever shifts you can get. You’ll be earning money while others are spending money! Some companies offer double pay, free food and if you work in hospitality then excellent! Tips will be much better around Christmas time – weara Santa hat and bring your personality to the bar. You’ll be going home with a sack ful of Christmas tips!

Monday's Money Saving Tips - Christmas Edition - put a Santa hat on and work over Christmas in a bar!

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – Christmas Edition – put a Santa hat on and work over Christmas in a bar!

2. Easier Work

getting paid to eat pizza

The pub was so quiet one Christmas Eve I got an extra pizza break!

If you have worked over Christmas you will know that most places are generally less busy as people stay at home with families or go on holidays. The work is normally easier. Please note I’m talking about Christmas only here and not New Year’s Eve! This doesn’t apply to every job mind you.

3. Avoid Holiday Makers

avoid holiday makers at Christmas by working

Avoid holiday makers – you don’t want join the bus crush or the airport mayhem of Christmas Eve!

Lots of people go away at Christmas and by working you’ll be away from the busy crowds – people buying presents, people getting buses and worst of all – airports.

4. You Can Eat Turkey Anytime!

eat your turkey dinner some other time for cheaper

Have your turkey dinner some other time! Save money! A backpackers Christmas!

People have this fixation that you have to have turkey on Christmas Day like it matters more than anything else. Did you know that if you buy your turkey just after Christmas you could get it for as much as half price?! It’s true – I used to work in a busy butchery over Christmas. Work over Christmas while others are wasting ridiculous money on food and then enjoy your turkey dinner when you get a day off.

5. Working is Fun at Christmas!

Christmas party while you work

Have fun at Christmas while you work!

Don’t forget that your life is your life and your job is just your job. Your job doesn’t rule your life. Especially not for me – I make travel my lifestyle and work just a way to get money. At Christmas I get into the spirit by enjoying the fun at work. Go into work in a great festive mood – dress up, mingle with colleagues and enjoy yourself. Getting paid to have fun? Now that is a novelty I prime myself on.

backpacking at Christmas to Machu Picchu

A backpackers Christmas – hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu back in 2010!

I know a backpacker’s Christmas isn’t for you all, and some of you may disagree, but honestly you can save more and escape the traditional Christmas at least once in your life. It’s now 10 years since I lived in Northern Ireland for Christmas, and five years since I even visited it. I don’t want to put a dampener on Christmas, just sharing a traveller’s Christmas with you today on my Christmas Eve money saving tips!!

Merry Christmas One and All!!!

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PS – Apart from updating my travel blog this year, I’ll actually be travelling rather than working this year for a change and I can’t wait! When you’re a travel writer, you NEVER run out of content, I’ve thousands of stories to write about and no time…

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