Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Tourist Information Centres (FREE Information)

free information in paramaribo

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Tourist Information Centres for FREE information. This one was in Paramaribo in Suriname!

It still baffles me as to how many travellers neglect the most obvious places in towns and cities to get FREE information! Yes that’s right Tourist Information Centres are the BEST place in every town and city to get FREE information. Don’t avoid the obvious please folks, today’s Monday’s Money Saving Tips is so obvious I almost thought about leaving it out. But then I realised so many travellers neglect this smart and simple FREE tip.

tourist isite christchurch

An iSite in Christchurch in New Zealand. The local tourist information service, which is of course FREE!

So when you arrive in a new town or city, you will need a few things:

1. A map (a travel essential)

2. Somewhere to sleep (unless you’re only on a day trip)

3. Some sights to see

4. Some places to eat

5. Some local information

And so BANG! All five of these things are FREE and easy to find out about from the Tourist Information Centre!

tourist information centre

The tourist information centre that helped me out in Suwon, South Korea.

This trick of course doesn’t apply to small villages or resorts, and some countries with a low level of tourists don’t have good tourist information centres, but as a general rule – if you want a FREE map of a city – head to the tourist information centre. The people that work there are also incredibly helpful – it’s their job after all.

And by the way, it’s nice to be back on my regular features after a week off. I have been in Ethiopia and Tanzania the last few weeks with a load more stories to come. In the meantime, happy Mondays and don’t avoid the obvious folks.

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