Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Useful Phone Guide for Backpackers

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Monday’s Money Saving Tips: “I’m tired of talking on my phone”

While you’ll never see me backpacking with a mobile phone, thanks to my well organised girlfriend, I reluctantly do carry a mobile phone with me these days (though I rarely use it and am never seen with it in my hand!). Me travelling with a phone kind of goes against what I’ve said before on here. I remember backpacking for months without a phone back in 2007 and my first six months living in Australia I never bothered buying a phone. But despite by reluctance to admit it, phones ARE useful for backpackers, just don’t carry expensive ones and don’t overuse them. And guess what, on today’s Monday’s Money Saving Tips I’m telling you about a really useful phone guide for backpackers!

phone site for backpackers

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: A cool phone site to use for backpackers!

As I want to inspire more people to get out there and travel, I always look at ways to save money in any way possible. You can still save money travelling with a mobile phone you know. I recently came across a phone guide for backpackers which helps you minimise costs and explain things in detail as you travel round the world. This is especially good for first time backpackers or those new to travel. (i.e. phone idiots, eejits and novices like me!)

The phone guide has all the usual iPhone buttons but when you click on them it gives you the lowdown on how to use them when you’re on the road. For a person like me who always tries to resist phone usage, I find the guide pretty helpful. While I won’t be using my phone to ever book a hostel, type a travel blog or even facebook someone, at least I’m now a bit more aware that other backpackers actually still travel on a budget and use phones. Hell, some of them even use smartphones!!

mobile phone guide for backpackers

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – a really cool mobile phone guide for backpackers!

One thing I do use a lot is Skype, and of course by having a phone, Skype is on your fingertips all the time and is free. I love doing stuff as I move as you know and I type this from a balcony in Tel Aviv in Israel. Nowhere near a phone of course, but my girlfriend types away on hers as we write. Safe travels…

With my endless money saving travel tips and stories, I want to help you all save money as you travel the world! Check my advertising page if you have an idea for my Monday’s Money Saving Tips, and don’t forget I welcome free trips, free phones (which I may not use) and of course a decent cold beer…

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