Money-Saving Tips when Travelling in Cyprus

Cyprus is a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean. It is definitely worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

While it is certainly not the cheapest place in the world to travel, there are some choices you can make to increase its affordability. Consider the following tips to make a trip to Cyprus fit even the tightest of budgets.

Backpacking in Tseri, Cyprus

Find a Cheap Flight

Unfortunately, because Cyprus is an island, your transportation options to get there are limited. People most commonly access the island by plane. Travel by air tends to be more expensive than other options throughout the world. However, the main Cyprus airport has increased the number of flights entering the island over the past few years, which has helped to control the price.

Consider using a flight comparison site such as Skyscanner to help you to get the best deal. Additionally, make sure that you look at travel information in a private browsing window so that the rates you see don’t continually increase. If you do not use this mode, then airlines will use your cookies against you and raise the price the more times you look at the rates.

Find a cheap flight

Stay in an Airbnb

Another reason that Cyprus is not a particularly cheap place to visit is because of the widespread unavailability of hostels. The government actually ordered hostels to close their doors about five years ago. While not all hostels complied, many of them did, making them few and far between now.

As a result, staying in an Airbnb, especially if you can split costs among multiple people, is likely to be the most cost-effective accommodation in Cyprus. Airbnbs are fairly abundant on the island. If you book early enough, you will probably find one that is well within your price range.

Go for a Hike

Now that you are on the island, you need to find something to do. One of the biggest draws to the island is its natural beauty. Luckily, exploring nature is completely free.

Some popular natural attractions you could consider are the Blue Lagoon, the Troodos Mountains, or Aphrodite’s Rock. However, you will need your own transportation to reach these unique destinations.

Consider renting a car so that you can see everything on your schedule. Renting a car in Cyprus is likely not as expensive as you may expect, and the internet is full of resources for cheap car hire.

Attend a Festival

Another great option to get a feel for the island without breaking the bank is going to a local festival. Festivals, like the Commandaria Festival, are a great way to experience the island like a local. This festival is free and will allow you to celebrate a favorite domestic product: Commandaria wine.

Another festival to check out is the Limassol Wine Festival. If you haven’t noticed, Cypriots are quite proud of their vino. It’s worth a try at a beautiful outdoor festival!

Taste some Street Food

You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to eat delicious food in Cyprus. Street vendors throughout the major cities and towns serve traditional food daily for a low price. Some favorites you should look for include halloumi, koupepia, and souvlakia.

Dining out in Northern Cyprus

Bottom Line

Even though Cyprus is a little more difficult to traverse than some other worldly destinations, you can still have a wonderful time without spending a ton of money. You don’t have to wait until you have amassed a small fortune before you can begin exploring the world – Cyprus will make you feel luxurious, no matter your spending budget.

Consider traveling on a budget so that you can reap all the benefits of Cyprus!

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