New Town Quarter – The Heart Throb of Prague, Czech Republic

 Nové město or the New Town quarter of Prague is the heartbeat for its tourism. This part hustles and bustles all the time especially at night with its “yo-yo” nightclubs and pubs. 

Quick Look at the history of Prague 

Prague’s New Town quarter offers a plethora of sights and monuments to the tourist who strays from the more popular Staré město or Old Town or Malá Strana or the Lesser Town. History is vibrant through the New Town, as many of the country’s most important events happened in this district that is almost three times as big as the Old Town at its creation, then measuring about six hundred twenty acres in area. Prague was founded by Roman Emperor Charles IV in the year 1348; the New Town was supposed to be the Jerusalem of Eastern Europe. Czech class people were among those selling their wares in this part of Prague while most of the Germans and Jews did business in the Old Town.  

The new town quarter is the centre of attraction of Prague. The attractions of Prague around the new town quarter are as: –  

  • Wenceslas Square
  • National Museum
  • Charles Square
  • Town Hall
  • Etalon
  • Church of Saint Ignatius
  • The Faust House
  • Nonexistent Chapel of Holy Blood or Corpus Christi 
  • National Theatre
  • Národní třída or National Avenue 
  • Art NouveauObecní dům or Municipal House 
  • Powder Tower
  • The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius
  • The Emmaus Monastery
  • Panna Marie Snežna Cathedral 
  • State Opera
  • The Dancing House
  • TheŽofín Palace 


The Nightlife and Clubs of Prague 

The clubs and nightlife of Prague is a big hit. Prague features some really great nightclubs where you can unwind in a club all night long to the house, techno and all other types of dance music. If a retro-themed night party is what you want, then you can consider yourself to be in a club paradise because there are numerous clubs in Prague where you can sport your zebra leggings, blue eyeliner, and big hair. You can dance and party till it gets morning.  

Ways to Enjoy Yourself at Prague 

Prague’s Nightlife and clubs are just awesome and are fun to experience. This city offers a welcoming retreat for all the party freaks and you need to be prepared for anything and everything. You can enjoy a relaxed kick back night chilling out at the hotel and if this is not your mood, then you can go out to a pub to enjoy the loud music, flashing lights, and sweaty night, with your friends. You can even enjoy a drink roaming by the Vltava River, as the sun sets. There are a lot of ways to party in Prague.  

The tourist simply shouldn’t considerably try going out to a club or bar early. This is the point at which we would recommend finding a loosening up a spot to taste on a beer or your beverage of decision. A couple of extensions past the Charles Bridge, you will discover a region where you can sit appropriately by the Vltava River and have a few drinks. This is the place a lot of local people go, so you know it’s great. Beer is honestly less expensive than water in Prague so you can actually stroll anywhere at Prague holding one can.  

What’s Left? 

There is just a single thing to do left now. You can get yourself a snack and head on over to the Charles Bridge. This is the most tranquil and calm bridge you will ever discover, and furthermore the most excellent. Viewing the dawn from this spot is going to beat all a phenomenal night out. Additionally, the lingering alcoholic individual in passing makes for quality diversion while you sit tight for the sun to look out and the metro to begin running. To aggregate it up, if I had one night in Prague, it would begin at the beer gardens after strolling by the Vltava River. 

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