New Year, New Decade, New Relationships? Love in 2020

It’s the same old story isn’t it. I’ve been blogging too long and in the public eye for so long that nothing is hidden. Anonymous and secretive bloggers just don’t cut it. Being open and honest is the way to be in life. Show everything, hide nothing – that has always been my approach. But is it good? Does it have pitfalls? And how does the new decade change my views on romance, and yours?

I kind of want to forget the last decade. It wasn’t good for me in life and love. Sure I had many new dates and loves, and got engaged but I ended up with nothing. In depression, single and having to pick up the pieces and start again. How can I get love going again in this new decade? I don’t really want to think about getting older too much, but the fact remains that this is my fifth decade in some form on this planet. Conceived in the laste 70s, born in 1980. That means that I turn 40 this year. It is no longer time for teenage angst, twenty’s plenty or the dirty thirties. I will have to focus on silver dating now. This is the bracket I now belong in. Here are some of my relationship revolutions and plans for 2020..

1.Not changing

We should never have to change for others, as then it is a lie. I didn’t change for some girls before and that was the truth, but they lied. On the occasions when I changed to fit with girls, it felt like a lie. Be who you are and who you know you are…this is me, right here – my different sides of my life…

The different sides of Jonny Blair

2.Fast dating

I am NOT into slow dating at all. How can you get to know someone by meeting once a month or even less? It is ridiculous and sadly I met a lot of slow lovers in my life. Tomorrow is not promised, we live for today. In the words of Robbie Williams, “Tonight I’m going to live for today, so come along for the ride”. So ladies, we are going for a first date, then a second date, then a third date with not much space between them. We don’t have to be fake or slow anymore, it is not what silver singles is all about…

3.Real kissing and sex

Too many people are scared of love. They refuse to kiss, to get nude, to show us the real love and to have sensational sex. We are all going to die. Let’s not squander the chance to have great times in love. Be confident about it, show what you are worth and indulge in activities such as kissing and sexual intercourse.

4.Long term commitment

Similarly to my opinion on fast love as opposed to slow, meaningless relationships, a long term commintment is now needed. I want things to last. I want to be with that magical someone for ever. I don’t have time to waste now I feel I am getting old. It’s time to put down some roots and be happy in love.

So think about this next time you go on a date, or swipe for someone on Tinder. Don’t be shy and don’t hide – show yourself in public and be open, honest and real. Make sure your #dollypartonchallenge shows the real you and no hiding.

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Decade, New Relationships? Love in 2020

  • Nice to read. Nice to see. I’m 49 this year and I don’t want to change either. My friend Vi from Romania – her friends do contract marriages. Some are romantic – others – it’s contract. I’m considering. Contract only but with the extra currency – I can travel more, work less, and prepare for later.

    Intetesting post. I’m certain it will work out for you. The internet is evil in those places for sure ?

  • Hi Tara, Thanks for the comment and for checking my website. Apologies for the delay in response. Unfortunately I have been suffering from long-term depression caused by a liar and I wasn’t checking all comments and messages or replying. I hope you enjoyed my article on love. Stay safe. Jonny

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