One For The Hunters: How to Find the Most Advanced Handgun for Hunting

While I don’t support hunting or guns at all (they should be banned), here is a post for those who do…

Having the right gear while hunting makes the experience even better, and this includes the handgun you plan to use. Is it a whitetail, rabbit, waterfowl, squirrel, or is it a bear? It’s easy to spot the target, but to make the kill— you’ll need the right rod and the most renowned one

Which is the Most Advanced Handgun?

Here are 2 most advanced handguns that are favorites among hunters:

  • Glock 20

Glock 20 is the most advanced handgun with a target strike at 774 ft-lb/sec. The gun is built for action. 

  • You will love the reload speed (no revolver can match the Glock 20)
  • The smooth trigger pull 
  • The ergonomic touch gives you the grip you need to make those quickfire shoots 

The Glock 20 is 7.6” with a 4.6” barrel length and weighs 1.73 lb (without load.)

One For The Hunters: How to Find the Most Advanced Handgun for Hunting

  • The 44 Mag Ruger Super Redhawk revolver

The Super Redhawk is a hand cannon, and it has the facts to prove it. The cannon is built to handle some of the most lethal rounds, such as the .44 Magnum, 41 Magnum., and .480 Ruger. 

The revolver comes in three barrel types 2.5”, 7.5”, and 9.5” barrels. If you are out for the big game, elks and bears, you should definitely go for the 9.5-inch revolver. Note that; the longer the barrel, the more momentum the bullet has from the exploding gas. 

Plus, the gun length makes it possible to mount even a scope to help with those long-range shots. However, you will need some practice to be comfortable with the recoil. It might throw you off, but you are good to go with a good hand grip and a firm body posture. 

There are two other handguns that you could consider which are;

  • Dan Wesson Kodiak

It’s a perfect firearm for medium-sized game hunting at close ranges. The semi-automatic Dan Wesson Kodiak is what you should take for turkey and duck hunting. 

  • The 629 .44 Magnum Hunter S&M Performance Center

It’s one of the behemoths of the S&M companies, built for accuracy and quick kill. The 7.5-inch can put a doe to sleep 60 yards away!

How to Find the Most Advanced Handgun for Hunting

There are several things you should consider before buying a handgun for hunting depending on what you want from it. Here is a list of some of them;

Gun Function

A double-action handgun is more advanced than a single action. Double action means the gun automatically loads the next cartridge into the chamber after firing. For a revolver, it means the gun rotates the cylinder simultaneously as it cocks the hammer for the subsequent firing. 

You’ll have to reset the hammer after each shooting with a single action.

If you’re hunting especially dangerous games like bears, you’ll definitely need a double-action handgun to make those repeated shoots. 

Type of Ammunition  

The type of ammo you use will also affect the efficiency of your gun—the bigger the cartridge, the higher the muzzle energy. Remember, the type of ammo you use will also depend on the animal you’re hunting. For instance, you will need lightweight ammo for varmint hunting and heavier ammo for a bear or a whitetail. 


Some hunting handguns are heavy and can be challenging especially if you are new to the hunting game. When buying, it’s crucial you get a firearm that you can comfortably carry or hold up enough to get the perfect angle when shooting. 

Alternatively, you can get yourself a good handgun rest to help with the weight. 

Barrel Length

The longer the barrel, the more accurate the pistol is and the more muzzle energy it has. 

How does the length of a handgun barrel affect muzzle energy and accuracy?

A long barrel means the bullet has more contact with the expanding gas from the exploding cartridge. Consequently, this means that the bullet receives more momentum from the gas compared to a bullet fired from a gun with a short barrel.

In terms of accuracy, the long barrel improved the target accuracy since the front and rear sights are moderately distanced to give a perfect aim. 

Gun Capacity 

When choosing a hunting firearm, a handgun with a larger ammo capacity is best. You will have more rounds to fire before needing to reload, especially when hunting big animals that require more than one bullet.

Note that some states restrict the ammo capacity a gun can carry. Some magazines are illegal. Therefore, inquire with the local authorities to be on the safe side when buying your handgun.


Maintenance ranges from the handgun’s lifespan to the availability of the ammunition. The challenge with some advanced guns is they are quite expensive to maintain or they only have a specific ammunition range.

So, when selecting your hunting arm, consider the availability of the gun’s spare parts in your region. Also, consider one that needs the least complicated way of maintenance.   


How a gun’s frame is modeled, especially the barrel, significantly affects the recoil force. Even though it’s not something you can completely eliminate, a gun with more weight on the barrel can help reduce the force. 

Aside from the modifications, learning to hold the gun and maintaining a good posture when shooting will reduce the recoil. 

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