Practical Advice For Students Who Dream Of Travelling

Practical Advice For Students Who Dream Of Travelling

Look, I’m not going to dress up a dream. But the fact is, I’m older now. Maybe not wiser, but older. In my late 30s I didn’t expect to be in this position. I’m within touching grasp of visiting 200 real countries, with two blogs I am proud of and with friends from almost every country out there. I couldn’t imagine this as a kid. Yet what surprises me the most is the sheer number of people who write to me to ask advice week on week. Every blogger will get this. So many random messages and emails and I try to be very kind and reply eventually to all of them (even in the wake of depression). Also some tourists I met along the way somehow used my advice as some kind of good inspiration and motivation for them in their own travels.

So now, am I well versed to give advice? Who knows. I write blog posts, I work in internet marketing, I’m a teacher, I do essay writing service reviews and I am also a social media geek. I didn’t expect my advice to be important though. I didn’t want or expect to be in such a position, but yes I am in a position now where there is some expertise that comes with whackpacking countries nobody heard of and cities no fucker went till. Advice for students then, here goes…

1.Don’t Lie to Your Friends
This is number one for me. Lying causes terrorism, hate, death and suicide. I know because I have been there and survived it. So please be honest – tell things excatly as they are, don’t lie and especially don’t lie to your friends.

when bargaining walk away

Don’t lie to your friends

2.Don’t Fall in Love
Love, love changes everything and it really rings true. If I can give any advice here – it is to NOT fall in love. It kind of ruined my journey a hat-trick of time. First Noemi, then Panny, then ***** (name not possible to repeat!) so meet others and kiss and enjoy, but don’t fall in love.

One time German love of mine, drinking by Checki C in 2007…

3.Don’t Overspend
Yes you can waste a lot of money. I did it. But not on football or beer. That money wasn’t wasted. But my taxi money was wasted for sure. We can walk, or wait and get a bus…

Rwandan money

4.Try Not to Visit the Same City Twice
Visiting the same country, region twice, thrice or fource is fine but it can get boring or repetitive to visit the same city twice. So these days, unless I love said city (Belfast, London, the Kong, Bournemouth, Warszawa, Gdansk), I don’t want repeat visits. I try to try new places. If you check my list of visits per country or places I have been, I try my best to not repeat (airports excepted).

Rome for a day

5.Work Hard and Save Hard
There is nothing more annoying to me than meeting a student who doesn’t work. Basically – GET A JOB. In my adult life, I have never been jobless for a spell of longer than 2 weeks. I won’t go hungry as I don’t do lazy. If you work hard, you play hard and you save hard. Richard Ashcroft ate your Cornflakes for breakfast.

With the chefs when I worked in an Irish Pub in Australia.

There are so many jobs out there now in bars, cafes, restaurants etc. that it’s easy to find a job, keep a job and love a job. Good luck one and all!


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