How to Prepare for Camping this Spring

Spring time camping is a fantastic thing and there are so many wonderful experiences to be had from taking part in a trip that bit earlier on in the year. I’m not talking about the sort of lifestyle I led when I camped in Poatina, working on endless farms, but some slightly more relaxing camping…

Camping in Poatina, Tasmania in 2010

Camping in Poatina, Tasmania in 2010

The world is just coming to life again and because of this some of the sights to be seen at this time of the year are exciting Springtime gems (similar to the Luoping Canola Fields) and ones that won’t be seen at other times.

For those of us with cabin fever, we’ll be more than delighted to get out and about to see the world at large and take in some cool fresh air and listen to the trickle of running streams. The great thing about doing so now is that far fewer people tend to camp at this time of year, meaning you’re far more likely to be able to relax without the hustle and bustle of dozens of people around. However, it’s worth remembering that the weather is that bit chillier and so you need to be prepared – here’s how to do so.

Springtime at Luoping, Yunnan, China.

Springtime at Luoping, Yunnan, China.

A Campfire is Important

Setting up the camp fire should be your number one priority when you arrive at a camp site – in short it needs to be set up before anything else. Ensure you’ve packed your fire lighting sources at the top of your bag so they’re easy to get a hand on and so you can light them up before anything else.

Warm Hands

Keep your hands warm at all times – anyone who’s ever had to endure frosty conditions when putting up a tent will tell you that it’s easier said than done. So, stock some polyester glove liners and get some nice new gloves. Another idea to invest in are heat pads – these are ideal if you need a little boost.

Keep Hydrated

People still need to hydrate themselves in the colder weather – so make sure you drink plenty and stay hydrated at all times. Hot and cold drinks tend to count once there’s no caffeine in them.


The best investment you’ll make before you take to the hills for some spring camping is a high TOG sleeping bag. Camping at this time of year is chilly and a good quality sleeping bag is something WebTogs recommend. Natural fibres do tend to cost more however they offer a better insulator property and also are far more breathable than many of the alternatives. Gloves and ensuring you’re well layered up when in bed is also a good idea, while keeping a bottle of water at your side is recommended too. These tips should help you snuggle up and find it that bit easier to sleep.

Get prepared for camping this spring.

Get prepared for camping this spring.

Place the Tent

The final thing we’d advise you to consider is the campsite placement. People tend to place their tents away from the morning sun in summer, however because the sunrises later and things are often colder then you may wish to place it in light to keep warm and for light purposes. Angle the tent away from wind to prevent problems.

Following these tips will ensure that your camping trip in spring goes well and that it’s enjoyable and fun.

Safe travels and happy camping!

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