Ranking the 11 Best US Cities for Digital Nomads

As more and more people embrace the concept of working from home, it seems as though a new type of cosmopolitan professional is emerging in 21st Century American culture. Max Wolff has written about 2022’s Most Budget-Friendly US Cities (50 Biggest Destinations, Ranked).

Ranking the 11 Best US Cities for Digital Nomads

Understanding the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Often referred to as “digital nomads,” these tech and creative professionals tend to favor hip cities with low living costs and extensive natural surroundings. It will come as no surprise that most digital nomads have adventurous streaks; for them, great local cuisine, great culture, and great natural amenities are a must.

And as housing prices skyrocket in fashionable locales such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles, you’ll probably find more and more digital nomads upping sticks and heading towards affordable cities with great cultural resources throughout the United States.

Travel blogging as a Digital Nomad

Here are just a few of the best cities in America for digital nomads, and why a move to one of these places can be a life-changing experience for the better!

1. Savannah, Georgia

Although it is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the United States, much of Savannah is still affordable if you know where to look: That is a quality that places like New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle simply don’t have in this day and age. For individuals who like having a bit of culture right at their doorstep, it’s difficult indeed to beat Savannah.

2. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville has a reputation among locals as Florida’s best-kept secret, but digital nomads keen to explore the best that Florida has to offer will want to consider moving here quickly via moving companies like movedaymovers.com: In terms of population growth, Jacksonville is currently leading the pack among cities in the United States.

It’s easy to see why residents and visitors love it here: Jacksonville offers history and culture in equal measure; its perpetually sunny weather also makes it a perfect coastal getaway for people who love sprawling beaches. Jacksonville’s location close to the Georgia border also makes it a great starting point for exploring gorgeous Southern cities like Savannah and Charleston.

3. Detroit, Michigan

There is something remarkable about Detroit’s resurgence in recent years. With affordable rents and charming condos and townhomes for sale, the city is also full of first-rate museums, restaurants, and cafes. Downtown Detroit resembles a quieter and more relaxed version of Manhattan. And who can forget the city’s legendary music scene For digital nomads, Detroit really has it all.

4. Portland, Oregon

Portland’s housing market isn’t by any means cheap at the moment; however, if you’re a digital nomad on the West Coast, Portland’s prices will seem positively reasonable in comparison to Seattle or Silicon Valley.

But digital nomads opt for Portland because the city’s quality of life is unrivaled. For its size, Portland really packs a cultural wallop: Its music scene is legendary, and top-tier bars and restaurants here seem to outnumber people at times. Despite its housing costs, Portland is the digital nomad city par excellence. If you can afford to live here, you’ll quickly find a city that is bursting with creativity.

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico

With its classic colonial architecture and affordable cost of living, San Juan is a prime location for digital nomads. Sprawling beaches and crystal-clear waters abound here, and tight-knit local communities are welcoming to new residents. The city’s restaurant scene is compelling to say the least, and affordable housing throughout the region has made Puerto Rico a haven for people who want to live the good life on the cheap.

6. Birmingham, Alabama

It is astonishing how quickly some cities in the South are growing; Birmingham is no exception. The historic neighborhoods within the city are attractive because living costs here are low; moreover, the local cultural scene is thriving. You might be surprised at how many people are moving to Birmingham from places like New York City and Silicon Valley; however, a visit here will quickly show what the fuss is all about here.

There is indeed plenty to love about Birmingham: The city’s restaurant scene is formidable and its housing market is both affordable and attractive. Expect to see Birmingham become even more fashionable over the next decade.

7. Louisville, Kentucky

Like Birmingham, Louisville is enjoying a cultural renaissance due to its reasonable housing costs and bustling cultural scene. There is always something fun to do in this gorgeous city; whether you’re a fan of top-notch coffee or love up-and-coming art galleries, Louisville really has it all. And thanks to local musicians like Sturgill Simpson, Louisville is also a great place to discover tomorrow’s alt-country stars before they hit it big.

8. St. Petersburg, Florida

Far away from the crowds of Miami and Orlando, St. Petersburg is a cultured town with Southern style to match. The city’s nearby beaches are legendary, and residents here are friendly and welcoming. For digital nomads, St. Petersburg offers charming houses and brilliant beachside weather. The city is still affordable; its variety of different cultural amenities will undoubtedly make this a top location for digital nomads in years to come.

9. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Home to the prestigious University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a classic college town with a small city vibe and a cultural atmosphere to match. Its leafy environs offer a tranquil atmosphere to digital nomads who want to get away from it all without losing the chance to discover great food and great coffee.

The city’s literary scene is also first-rate. You’ll find authors reading their work almost every day at the Literati Bookstore downtown, and the University of Michigan always puts on great public lectures for little or no cost to attendees. If you want to develop a lifestyle as a digital nomad, Ann Arbor is very hard to beat.

10. Logan, Utah

Utah’s housing market costs are increasing; however, searching for prime locations outside of Salt Lake City and Provo can often help you to find a bargain. Logan is a laidback city close to ski resorts and hiking trails; its proximity to nature makes it a perfect stop for digital nomads who love the outdoors.

Logan’s community feel gives this city a sense of warmth even in the cold Utahan winter months. People here are very friendly; striking up a conversation in one of the city’s many public parks can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. This is a great spot for digital nomads who want to settle into a new location for the long-term.

And yes, the skiing and snowboarding in Utah is world-class. If your idea of relaxing on the weekend includes hitting the slopes, Logan might be the right place for you.

11. Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Cleveland Heights doesn’t have quite the bustle of a big city like Detroit; however, this charming area offers homeowners a remarkable deal on beautiful homes. Houses here are quaint and stylish, and buyers will have their choice of affordable homes to choose from.

For digital nomads who like a relaxed pace of life, Cleveland Heights is a wonderful choice. It’s also a genuine slice of Americana: The city and its surrounding countryside was the inspiration for much of the “Calvin and Hobbes” comic series.

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