Road Trip Part 2 – Sunset in Frankston

I’d never heard of Frankston either and it’s just not touristy or anything. But I love places like that, totally out of the way, totally un-obvious and worth a look for an extra memory. It wasn’t really on the way out of Melbourne for me, but a wee bit south, on the east side of the city on a straight road down the edge of Melbourne Bay.


I had thought of getting a travel partner for the road trip leg of my journey back to Parramatta, and so posted on Gumtree (A popular Australian website) to see if anyone fancied joining me from Melbourne to Brisbane. There’s always some people that need a lift places in Australia, and only because of my short timing and the speed of my road trip (Brisbane from Tasmania in less than a week), then nobody was really up for it. But while posting on there, I noticed a lady from Melbourne planning a trip to South America.


I got in touch with her and we agreed we could maybe meet up in South America. But first I texted her to see if she was free in Melbourne when I was there. Luckily she was able to meet me that night. Her name was Leeanne, a seasoned traveller as well. Seemed a nice lady and she was based at Frankston.

So I left the excellent wee “Home” travellers motel (a glorified hostel, really…) at lunchtime on the South, had a wee drive down the coast, where I stopped once at Brighton to check out the beach. 

The only photo I took on the way down is left there, a park dedicated to a shipwreck of the HMVS Cerberus. And then it was onwards to Frankston, where I could meet Lee-anne in a trendy bar called Davey’s later on.

I parked at Frankston seafront and decided I could sleep there that night. It was time to walk along the beach and around the city of Frankston…
A restaurant on the beach.
Birds and bathers.
Three bathers in the sunset at Melbourne Bay, Frankston Beach.
Waves cafe by the beach.
Birds in the sunset.
Frankston Pier.
Various walks in and around Frankston.
One of the promenade boardwalks at Frankston all with dedications form local people.
Frankston Beach.
River inlet at Frankston.
Marine Wall mural at Frankston.
Relaxing on the bridge over the river inlet.

A pretty bridge.


BWS – Beers, Wines, Spirits.


Church on the carriageway.


The swanky Davey’s Bar and Restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. Fancy old cars in the forecourt.


Busy junction.


Token Irish Pub.


City clock.


I love Frankston flags on the main street in the city.


The Pint and Pickle – a “pommy” pub!!


Getting dark by the river.


Inside Davey’s bar.


A drink with local lady Leeanne before heading back to the car park for a wee sleep and a big road trip ahead the next day!

Where – Frankston City, south east of Melbourne

Pub – Davey’s Bar

Beer – Little Creatures Ale

Nationalities Met – Australian

Road Trip Distance – 40 kilometres
Road Trip Route – Driving around Melbourne and down to Frankston

Came from – Melbourne

Heading for – Leongatha


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