Serbia Backpackers, Hotel or Airbnb:  What to Choose in Belgrade?

Belgrade is a city of perpetual liveliness, cultural gems and remarkable natural and man-made sites.  Many global citizens have also discovered that it is a great location for recreational and professional activities. Your Belgrade experience is made that much better when you choose the ideal accommodation.  And, if you’re interested in proximity to the airport, you need not worry. The city has a number of Airbnb accommodations close to Belgrade airport from which you can select. But how do you choose? The truth is that it ultimately depends on your pocket and your tastes.

Serbia Backpackers, Hotel or Airbnb:  What to Choose in Belgrade?

Airbnb’s in Belgrade

Airbnb’s, by their very nature, are more low key than hotels.  Since their inception in 2008, they have grown into a global tourism phenomenon. Locals all around the world have placed their homes on the platform, inviting tourists to come and experience life the local way. As a result, they have also become popular alternatives for tourists around the world who prefer the intimacy they offer against the commercial feel of some hotels.

Of course, Airbnb’s tend to be less expensive than the hotels.  This is the same for accommodations in Belgrade. For as little as 20 USD per night, you can occupy your own little corner of Belgrade. And because they are typically owned and operated by locals they offer you a better opportunity to interact with locals and experience authentic Belgrade hospitality, which by the way is awesome as Belgrade’s citizens are known for their warmth. Most Airbnb’s around the world and definitely in Belgrade can sleep one or two persons per night. If you’re lucky you might find a larger Airbnb that can fit more guests.

One of the Airbnb accommodations closest to the airport in Belgrade is Knock Knock. This property is only 3.5 km or 5 minutes away from the airport. It offers a one-bedroom apartment at 30USD nightly and with over 108 reviews has an almost 5-star rating. Of course, if you opt for Airbnb’s you should do some thorough research first to ensure that your trip goes as planned.

Serbia Backpackers, Hotel or Airbnb:  What to Choose in Belgrade?

Hotel Accommodations in Belgrade

If your trip to Belgrade is a business one, you’ll probably need hotel accommodation. Hotels tend to have additional spaces that you can use for meeting or conference hosting. If you have certain requirements you should also opt for a hotel instead of an Airbnb. Since many Airbnb operators are functioning on a small scale they will be less able to accommodate special requests than hotels. You can negotiate, however, to see if your special needs can be accommodated, before switching to a hotel.

Another reason to opt for a hotel is if you need lots of space or a certain kind of space. A large group travelling together for an event will find it difficult to find an Airbnb in the area that can host everybody. A hotel is also in a better position to provide the meals this large group would require. In this case, therefore, a hotel is definitely more suitable.  Additional perks of hotels include a help/receptionist desk where you can get customer service if needed.

Hotels are definitely the better accommodations for stays that need a formal ethos.  If you are accustomed to an ethos of luxury and desire this for your trip to Belgrade, then, by all means, check into a hotel! Remember though, that a hotel stay is usually going to be more expensive than an Airbnb one unless you benefit from a special discount. Hotels are also more formal establishments and as a result guests often feel safer there than in the less regulated Airbnb’s.

Airport Hotel Garni is probably the most affordable hotel you’ll find close to the airport in Belgrade. Additionally, it is the closest. The hotels in the area typically offer a shuttle service that will take you to the airport. Of course, this will come at an additional cost. Alternatively, you can take the local taxis.

The Choice is Ultimately Yours

Whether you’re planning to spend a day or a few weeks in Belgrade you’ll no doubt need suitable accommodation. If you are travelling for vacation purposes and are on a budget then Airbnb’s might suffice. If your visit is a business one or if you are travelling with a large group, you might want to look into hotels close to Belgrade airport, especially if you’ll be having a business meeting or conference.


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